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Information about BIOGRAFIA INGLES

Published on July 20, 2018

Author: belenchullo


MAJOR EVENTS: MY BIOGRAPHY By : Elizabeth Belen Chullo Machicao MAJOR EVENTS: BIRTH AND CHILDHOOD I am Belen Chullo Machicao I was born in Arequipa, on september 7 th in 1997 I live centro since I was born I studied Elementary school in Heroes de Angamos in secondary Immaculate Maria MAJOR EVENTS: ACHIEVEMENTS I ENTER ISPA INSTITUTE IN THE COMMUNICATION SPECIALTY CURRENTLY STUDY ISPA INSTITUTE IN THE COURSE OF THE THIRD SEMESTER OF THE COMMUNICATION SPECIALTY MAJOR EVENTS: MAJOR EVENTS My best friend in my childhood was Marianela I did not have a party when I was fifteen but I had a family walk be with my sisters .

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