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Information about Biofinity patient brochure 8.27.13

Published on September 11, 2013

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Want an impossibly comfortable experience? Talk to your eye doctor about Biofinity lenses. Biofinity® contact lenses 1 Study; data on file. *Message and data rates may apply. Free trial does not include eye exam or fitting fees. ©2013 CooperVision, Inc. 0855 08/13 Aquaform® Technology Highly breathable for healthier eyes Increased oxygen levels flow freely through a highly breathable lens, keeping your eyes clear, whiter and healthier. Perfect for daily or extended wear. Naturally hydrating Breakthrough technology creates a lens that’s almost half water. Water is retained naturally within the lenses, so they remain hydrated without the need for wetting agents. Soft and flexible Biofinity® contact lenses are soft and flexible with a rounded-edge design. This means the lens fits well and is gentle on the eye throughout the life of the lens. What do Biofinity contact lens wearers think of us? Aquaform Technology is a premium material technology that delivers more oxygen and moisture to your eyes, giving you incredible comfort all day long. Approximately 2 out of 3 wearers rate Biofinity lenses as better or much better than other lenses1 86% of Biofinity wearers are likely to recommend us to a friend or family member1 89% of Biofinity lens wearers rated the lenses as comfortable overall1 Impossibly comfortable, impossibly clear. Cradled by a gentle cloud, warmed by a generous sun, floating over a crescent beach at the edge of a turquoise sea. CooperVision recommends annual comprehensive eye exams to assess eye health, quality of vision and to help maintain good ocular health. Text DREAMY to 373737 to sign up for our text message alerts and receive a FREE TRIAL of lenses!* Follow us

Aquaform® Technology, a CooperVision technological breakthrough, allows Biofinity lenses to have superb breathability, combined with higher moisture content. This keeps you comfortable and your eyes clear, whiter and healthier. What’s more, all Biofinity lenses have a smooth, naturally wettable lens surface that resists deposits, so you get incredible comfort and clarity that lasts all day. Available in sphere lenses for near/farsightedness. If you have astigmatism or presbyopia, try our toric and multifocal lenses for impossibly clear vision. A family of lenses with exceptional comfort and clarity. Biofinity multifocal Amaze your eyes with clarity at any distance Multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia give you a high level of comfort and superior visual clarity at all distances. Balanced Progressive™ Technology • Enhances vision, near, far or in-between • Allows for an individualized fitting for each wearer and eye Biofinity toric The perfect solution for astigmatism Get the best of both worlds. Superior vision and a more comfortable experience, thanks to a special toric lens design. Designed for stability, clarity and comfort • Reduced movement during blinking for sharper vision • Smoother lens designed for comfort when you blink What makes Biofinity ® contact lenses so impossibly comfortable?

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