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Information about Bio2RDF/Virtuoso

Published on April 21, 2008

Author: fbelleau



A presentation about the potential of SPARQL querying using Virtuoso over 65 millions triples about human and mouse genome from

Bio2RDF linked data about Human and Mouse genome François Belleau (Bio2RDF project) Kingsley Idehen (OpenLink Software)

Bioinformatics creepy world of data from Carole Goble presentation at ISWC2005 Using the Semantic Web for e-Science: inspiration, incubation, irritation Bio2RDF project goal is to make as much ● boinformatics data available to the scientific community in semantic web RDF format. The main service of Bio2RDF server is to give ● access to millions of well formed RDF document, extracted from public databases, with normalized URI identified by a derefencable URL. Our vision is to use the semantic web paradigm ● to realize data integration in bioinformatics.

HTML document about Paget disease

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