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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: asynsis



How Simplexity Emerges from Entropy.
DaVinci & Kepler's code 4 spatial beauty & harmony also geometric temporal signature of optimisation & sustainability.

Asynsis: Bio 2 Cosmo-mimesis Latest QED: Minimal-energy foam   mimesis |məәˈmēsis, mī-|   noun formal or technical   imitation, in particular:       mimicry.   mimēsis, from mimeisthai ‘to imitate.’

  cosmo-     cosmodrome | cosmography   kosmos ‘order, world.’   bio- |ˈ ɪoʊ|     1 biosynthesis     biogenesis   bios ‘(course of) human life.’ ‘organic life.’ “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication” Apple Cosmo Bio



      ASYNSIS principle: a new design, construction & operations optimisation paradigm – how design in nature & culture emerges optimally, analogically and innately via geometry, from entropy More 4 Less Form follows Flow How we make the complex appear to be and actually be simple

“Let no one who is ignorant of Geometry enter these gates” Plato     th   st   2   steps

777 Design    

Geometric       Biomimesis Cosmomimesis:   Cosmomimetic mimicry at its most simply complex: Simplexity

Go with the flow, since the multiverse is lazy, likes the freedom to morph (because it’s good for design) – and likes to repeat herself   “Given freedom, for a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it.”       Constructal “construction” “fractal” – it

Asynsis principle“Design in nature, consciousness and culture emerges analogically, optimally from Entropy”     If Constructal   Asynsis , Constructal   “Open local dynamical systems when pushed further from thermal equilibrium by energy flows, minimise their energy-mass dissipation but also optimise their information and synthetic complexity over time, through modularity, integration and irreducibility: via the reiteration of archetypal, convergent, asymptotic, analogical feedback processes which have canonical symmetries associated with aesthetic beauty and proportion in art, design and architecture.”   “Design in nature innately, analogically, optimally emerges from Entropy”

    : Simplexity exemplified      

Penrose - Quasicrystals       Simplexity

      dynamic consume more energy  

  st       optimisation      

Cellular Music - Consciousness   Asynsis       Phi Guilio Tononi    

    Constructal   Polycrates




  , Pacioli   symmetries, also for the lowest energy, in time   hitherto only been described in static, non-dynamical, non- temporal, non-irreversible terms except in Phyllotaxis

Phyllotaxis-Plant Architecture     Constructal   and map them on to our civilisation

Anthropocene       Contructal  

    For the Earth’s population to all have US/EU living standards, we’d need 4 extra Earths       , build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete  

People Profit Planet            

Asyntopia- Asynsis        

        so it

  Is the same as Beauty in Nature       Geometry       Simplexity

Geometry       One physicist, Max is reality!  

    Extropy   Extropy

Extropy   Constructal Extropy   the Asynsis-Constructal   We can therefore say that Constructal Extropy is similar to the Chinese concept of Qi Li Taiji

  Extropy-Qi     the Taiji   Taiji   Mencian (Li) Form follows (Qi) Flow





Phi/Asynsis - Icon for      

  City   Nigel Anthony Reading RIBA LEED GA Design Director, Asynsis Architecture + Design Hong Kong-Australian raised, London educated, ARB-UK registered Eurasian bilingual Senior Architect and Interior Designer with substantial Masterplanning & Landscape design expertise. 25 Years of experience with over a decade in the Asia-Pacific including 7 years in Shanghai & Hong Kong-Macau, with numerous consultant, industry and stakeholder contacts. Design, construction and operations optimisation paradigm pioneer and sustainable design thought-leader. Designer for Shangri-La-Kerry Parkside, Grand Hyatt-City of Dreams & Galaxy Macau, Disney-Shanghai, InterIKEA-China, Tianjin EcoCity-Keppel Land, BBC World, NM Rothschild & Sons, Eden Project, London Overground, Westfield, Maitreya Buddha, Wanzhou City - Chongqing (below) and the iconic Hong Kong Spin. Chartered member of the RIBA, founder member of RIBA-HK chapter and USGBC LEED GA accredited. So Li means then the order of Qi flow, the wonderful dancing pattern of liquid, because Lao-tzu likens Tao to water: The great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right, it loves and nourishes all things. Alan Watts, Taoism

the Asynsis



Conceptual References

Conceptual References

Conceptual References

Conceptual References

Conceptual References

Conceptual References

  e, i to phi, as seen in the   Giulio Clune e^{i *pi} = -(2phi-root5)

SUSTAINABLE     locii cosmomimetic self- Constructal   transculturalism Lingua Franca

  the Logos     self- fully emulate her!

Time     dynamical law of beauty science  

      Asynsis-Constructal since More for Less is the law, since Form follows Flow, may your life and work forms flow ever more freely and easily, with ever more reward for ever more beautiful, cosmomimetic, simplexity-inspired work!

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