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Published on January 3, 2008

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The Bio-Refinery Concept: Maximizing Value of Biomass Feedstocks:  The Bio-Refinery Concept: Maximizing Value of Biomass Feedstocks Tim Baye Professor, Business Development UW-Extension This Thing Called Bio-Refining?:  This Thing Called Bio-Refining? What is it all about? How is Bio-Refining different from other types of Refining? Bio-mass feedstocks? What are the implications for economic development? Bio-Refining 101:  Bio-Refining 101 Bio-fuels Bio-energy Bio-chemicals Bio-materials Biobased Economy: 2030:  Biobased Economy: 2030 Slide5:  Biorefinery Engineering Research/Outreach/Education at the University of Georgia Biomass Thermochemical Processing Core Products Core Processes Liquid Transportation Fuels Heat and Power Bioproducts Pyrolysis Gasification Pretreatment Biochemical Processing Liquefaction Hydrolysis Fermentation Biocatalysis Ag. residues Industrial waste Energy Crops Municipal Hydrogen/Synthesis Gas Bio-Oil Char Ethanol Biodiesel Bio-Gas Specialty Chemicals courses workshops Fuel Cell Technology Metabolic Technology Processing Technology courses workshops Glycerol Courtesy: Dr. K.C. Das - UGA Bio-fuel Conversion Options:  Bio-fuel Conversion Options Simplified Bio-energy Industry Structure:  Simplified Bio-energy Industry Structure Slide8:  O2 Pulp $5.5 Billion Steam, Power & Chemicals BL Gasifier Wood Residual Gasifier Combined Cycle System Process to Manufacture Liquid Fuels and Chemicals Black Liquor & Residuals The Forest Biorefinery Manufacturing 66 x 106 MT CO2 Extract Hemicelluloses New Products Chemicals Polymers $3.3 Billion Power Export $3.8 Billion or Liquid Fuels/Chemicals $5.5. Billion Net Revenue Assumptions: Acetic Acid - $1.73/gallon Purchased Electricity - $43.16/MWH Ethanol - $1.15/gallon Exported Electricity - $40.44/MWH Pulp - $100/ton net profit Renewable Fisher Tropsch Fuel - $57/bbl Syngas Anaerobic Digestion:  Fuel (wastes) Digester (Storage) Electrical Generation Electrical Network Digested Manure Land Application Heat Biogas Digested Manure Processing Digested Solids Heat available for other uses Composting or Drying Bedding or for Sale Treatment for drinking water?? Anaerobic Digestion Closed Loop Biorefinery:  Closed Loop Biorefinery SymbiosysTM:  SymbiosysTM Bio-mass Feedstock Options:  Bio-mass Feedstock Options Commodities: Corn, Soybeans, Sugar, Rapeseed, etc. Wastes: Paper, Stover, Food/Beverage, WWTS, Manure, Tree Tops, RDF, etc. Dedicated: Switchgrass, Willows, Aspen, etc. Implications for Economic Development:  Implications for Economic Development Bio-refineries tend to source majority of primary inputs from region (local purchases) Bio-products distribution based upon competitive advantage – local markets are ideal, if substantial Innovation in business development still gets rewarded Implications for Economic Development:  Implications for Economic Development Bio-refineries often face significant permitting processes Bio-refineries typicallymore difficult to fund than single product manufacturing Bio-fuels and bio-energy still dependent upon public sector support Implications for Economic Development:  Implications for Economic Development Markets mean everything: Off-take & Input Contracts are Key Cost of Capital Increases with Complexity of Project Communication and Transparency Keys to Cooperation Credits:  Credits UW-Extension, Biological Engineering, Pat Walsh DATCP, ADD, Will Hughes Lafayette BioAg, LLC Others as cited Contact: Tim Baye 608.342.1090

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