Bio-diesel From Jatropha plant

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Information about Bio-diesel From Jatropha plant

Published on September 16, 2014

Author: sandeepraj777



This is an alternative Fuel and Environmental Friendly.
This is the presentation given by my friend Rajesh and me.
This presentation deals with Pro's and Con's of Bio-Diesel.

By Sandeep.D Rajgopal.B

Why bio fuels ? :Three objectives 1. to reduce dependence on petroleum  India imports 75% fuel , rises to 95% by 2020 reduce green house gas (GHG) emission  Alarming rise in carbondioxide levels reduce the cost of fuel against escalating crude oil prices

DEFINITION  Biofuels are fuels made living from recently living organisms.They can be divided into three generations.  first generation  Second generation  Third generation

First generation bio fuels: fuels largely made from edible sugars and starches.these fuels are also called as E-diesels or ethanol diesels. Second generation bio fuels: fuels made from no edible plant materials.these fuels are also called as bio-diesels Third generation bio fuels: fuels made from algae and microbes

What is Biodiesel?  Alternative fuel for diesel engines  Made from vegetable oil or animal fat  Meets health effect testing (CAA)  Lower emissions, High flash point (>300F), Safer  Biodegradable, Essentially non-toxic.  Chemically, biodiesel molecules are mono-alkyl esters produced usually from triglyceride esters Fatty Acid Alcohol Glycerin FA FA FA Biodiesel FA Vegetable Oil

Bio Diesel - Manufacture CH2-O-COR CH2-OH | KOH, rt, 6h | CH-O-COR + 3R’OH 3RCOOR’ + CH-OH | | CH2-O-CO-R CH2-OH (100 kg) (10.55 kg) (.1 kg) (100 kg) (10.55 kg) Oil Alcohol KOH Bio Diesel Glycerin

Jatrhaop  Biodiesel from Jatropha  Seeds of the Jatropha nut is crushed and oil is extracted  The oil is processed and refined to form bio-diesel.

Advantages It’s Renewable, Biodegradable, & Nontoxic It’s Efficient: Very favorable energy balance, ~3.2 to 1 (debatable, but most find more efficient than petroleum)  It’s Engine Friendly: Superior engine performance  High flash point: 260°F v 117°F  Lubricity properties  Higher cetane rating  It contribute less to green house gases.

Disadvantages  Increased price relative to diesel  old fuel can become acidic and form sediments and vanish.  High oxidative stability


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