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Information about Bio-Diesel form MicroAlgae

Published on September 16, 2014

Author: sandeepraj777



This Presentation deals with the Production of Bio-Diesel from Micro-Algae.Given by my Friend Rajesh(Raj gopal) and Me.

Production of biodiesel from algae

Definition Generally bio diesels- a type of bio fuels which are renewable diesel fuel derived from various organic feedstocks including vegetable oils and animal fat Bio diesel production from algae and microbes refers to the second generation bio fuels

Micro algae These are small microscopic aquatic photosynthetic plants that require the aid of a microscope to be seen.

Evolution of micro algae  The first large-scale culture of microalgae started in the early 1960s in Japan by Nihon Chlorella with the culture of Chlorella .  The interest in using microalgae for renewable energy increased in 1970s during the first oil crisis .

Cultivation of algae Microalgae are adapted to scavenge their environments for resources, to storage them, or increase their efficiency in resource utilization.  In general for biomass growth (consisting of 40– 50% carbon) microalgae depend on a sufficient supply of a carbon source and light to carry out photosynthesis. Microalgae may assume many types of metabolisms (e.g. autotrophic, heterotrophic, mixotrophic, photoheterotrophic) They are capable of a metabolic shift as a response to changes in the environmental conditions.

Processing of algae Dewatering Thickning Filtering Drying

Factors - cultivation Temperature: Microalgae can easily tolerate temperatures up to 15 C lower than their optimal, but exceeding the optimum temperature by only 2–4 C may result in the total culture loss.  Salinity: Every alga has a different optimum salinity range that can increase during hot weather conditions due to high evaporation. Mixing : It homogenizes the cells distribution, heat,metabolites, and facilitates transfer of gases.

Extraction The reaction involved in the extraction of oil from algae is pyrolysis.

Bio diesel production

Advantages  Aids in reducing the co2 levels. Wastewater treatment by removal of ammonium , phosphate and nitrate ions making algae to grow using these water contaminants as nutrients. Although the vegetable seeds and micro algae posses same lipid content but the biomass productivity is high for algae.

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