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Information about Binbag - Recycling with you.

Published on January 25, 2016

Author: achitrab


1. Through the eyes of our customers

2. Introducing Raj Raj is 27 years old, well-educated and socially aware. Growing up in Bangalore, he has seen the waste problem. He cares for it, but is not a tree hugger. He heard about Binbag on the Internet and decided to give it a try to get rid of his old gadgets lying from college days.

3. Enter Simran Raj is moving up the career ladder, and busy. He meets Simran – a smart, upwardly mobile professional, who loves animals. They get married. Binbag helps Raj to get rid of his old beer cans, utensils and furniture.

4. Comes Rahul Space is becoming important now. Binbag comes in at regular interval to help them manage their home. Concerned about safety, Simran always puts the harmful batteries in the Binbox.

5. Rahul is growing up He doesn’t fit into his old pram. He starts school. Once in school, Binbag helps clear away his old clothes, toys, bags, school books.

6. A new phase… Raj decides to start-up. He now wants help to clear up his small office along with his home. With kids growing up, her career looking up, Simran follows her passion. They both are busy. Thank God, they have Binbag!

7. Success beckons Raj is now a successful entrepreneur, advisor to few startups. Hobnobs with Sequoia, Tiger Global. Simran is moving up the corporate ladder. Wants more time with kid and dog. Binbag is now an integral part of their daily life. Convenient, zero hassle.

8. With success, cometh responsibilities… Raj plays golf, is an angel investor, attends NASSCOM events. Simran takes her love for animals to a whole new level – forms DogsTrust. They talk about Binbag and how they are able to do their bit for the society amidst their busy schedule.

9. Slowing down… Raj and Simran are old now. Disposing their recyclables is the last thing in their mind. They want to spend every moment together. Binbag takes care of their paper, bulbs, metals, plastics, everything.

10. Binbag Solving the problem of household recyclables ending up in landfills. Subscription model for a hassle-free service. Support us at:

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