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Published on March 8, 2014



BINARY MATRIX PRO BY RAUL DANIELS REVIEW : BINARY MATRIX PRO BY RAUL DANIELS REVIEW BinaryMatrixPro is the most advanced and profitable 1-minute Binary Options trading software by RAUL DANIELS. Click here to access binary matrix pro… PowerPoint Presentation: It's also the first trading software in the world that allows its users to SHARE their participation and trading results with the whole user community - in REAL-TIME!   I know that at recent times there are hundreds of scam softwares out there which promises to make you millionaire in a fortnight and tricks you to get a free access. And eventually makes your traders account balances to 0. But this is not a kind of such bs . You can manually test the system with a free trading account and reviews made by each and every real users accounts. PowerPoint Presentation: I know you will be skeptical because of the spam softwares out there, but don’t worry you can analyze the live performance of the signals by a simple signup with your name and good mail id.   From newbies how easy it is to trade binary options (taking away the “financial scare” scare newbies have when hearing the term), to showing REAL account performance proof, to dealing with EVERY conceivable objection people have about this software (and about making money online in general). Click here to access binary matrix pro… PowerPoint Presentation: How good is the system? 600+ BETA testers have traded with Binary Matrix Pro for 3 months and 8 out of 10 trades reported through the Social Performance Reporting feature have been winners.   There are live webinars and they will be staying LIVE after the webinars to answer questions until the end... even if it takes 2 hours!   Raul is NOT selling the software because it's too good to be sold. Instead, he will be charging a fixed amount per signal. And he is NOT giving a free trial because the word “free” is a HUGE turnoff - “free” = low quality OR a scam (or both!) in the eyes of prospects. PowerPoint Presentation: What they ARE doing is giving a $75 signals credit for free, which is enough for people to use the software for 25-35 days.   Some highlights of the software/product/service: • Provides signals starting from 60-second Binary Options and higher. • Has an in-built Social Performance Reporting feature – traders SHARE their performance with the community PowerPoint Presentation: • 3 options for access: Windows download, web-version (perfect for Mac users and tablet/ smartphone users), App (downloaded from the Google Play Store) • Over 700 signals per day • Over 81% accuracy (VERIFIED REAL Account) • $75 bonus to traders who join (no credit card required) • Personal Account Representative for traders who join ($190/month value, provided free if joining through March 2014) PowerPoint Presentation: • Users can contact their account reps by TELEPHONE (never been done before in this industry) • Free SMS notifications (users subscribing to this service will receive 1-2 key notifications per week via SMS) ...and SO much more!   BinaryMatrixPro is in a league of its own... as you can see. It's the first trading software on the planet that combines so many great features in a single product. You can see trading account verification (proof). Performance and proof are the name of the game when it comes to conversions in the Binary Options industry. PowerPoint Presentation: And they have got it - BIG TIME! Trading accounts displayed on the website which show the performance of Binary Matrix Pro have been verified by a 3rd-party binary options trading account verification service:   Click here to access binary matrix pro…   Here is what BinaryVerify does once you subscribe to their service: 1. After providing them with access details to your trading account, they log in to the account and verify its authenticity i.e. the fact that it’s REAL. 2. Assuming that you pass their verification criteria, they then provide you (the product vendor and trading account owner) with a BinaryVerify verification seal. PowerPoint Presentation: 3. You place the seal on your website near the displayed details of the trading account that was verified. 4. When a visitor hovers their mouse over the seal, they see the verification status and details of the account. If they click the seal, they’re taken to the BinaryVerify secure website where the information is confirmed - this is to prevent seals from being faked..   The outcome? Trust and credibility. Proof of genuine, authentic data. Proof that the account is NOT fake/ Photoshopped !   Since most people fake binary options softwares are expecting to see faked accounts, this 3rd-party verified information will instantly provide confirmed proof, so as you know this is real... similar to the effect had on the Forex market. PowerPoint Presentation: You will get access to live chat support. You may have a question or concern that wasn’t addressed or answered on the website. That’s another confirmed fact of the online world.   Social performance reporting: For the first time EVER, Binary Options trading software (actually, ANY trading software for that matter) goes SOCIAL!   So, here’s how it works: Binary Matrix Pro is signals software so, once traders fire it up (Windows Desktop, Android or web-version), the software starts relaying signals from our server. PowerPoint Presentation: For each signal, users have the option of reporting whether they traded it. After reporting taking the trade, the user is taken to the Social Performance Reporting panel for that signal (even if they decide against reporting, they’re eventually taken to the Social Performance Reporting panel, but without the ability to report the outcome for the obvious reason that they didn’t report taking a trade).   The reporting panel allows the user to: 1. View the REAL-TIME trade confirmations and outcomes reported by other members of the community, and 2. Share their own trade outcomes (profitable or not) with the rest of the community PowerPoint Presentation: Since they released a BETA version of the software 2 months ago (no launch, just the software was provided), we’re seeing over81% WINS reported by USERS every single day.   You will get $75 signal bonus, pre loaded (no more non converting “free trail”). Anyway... With Binary Matrix Pro, there is no free trial. What they offer instead is $75 credit to anyone who joins... just for joining! PowerPoint Presentation: Here’s how it works: They charge $0.01 (1 cent) per signal, which can be paid for from within the software via “top-ups”. However, traders joining them receive a cool $75 of signals credit which should last them for around 25-35 trading days. No credit card needed to get that $75 initial bonus.   Getting access to software that has: - Real-time socially-generated proof of over 81% winners - there own account proof VERIFIED by (showing close to an 82% win rate) PowerPoint Presentation: ...and getting $75 just to try it out? That's pretty-much a no brainer. So all you do is register your name and email id in the link below.   Click here to access binary matrix pro…

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