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Published on June 23, 2008

Author: rmpblr


Slide1:  Welcomes you…… Slide2:  Changing Lives and Lifestyle…… Business at the Speed of Thought Cost of living through the decades…:  Cost of living through the decades… 1920 - 1 Rupee 1940 - Rs. 10 1960 - Rs. 100 1980 - Rs. 1000 2000 - Rs. 10000 2010 - ??? 2020 - ??? Have u ever thought of an opportunity to fight the rising inflation? Slide4:  Individual effort Finite Income Active Team work Infinite Income Passive Robert T Kiyosaki E S B I Slide6:  Relevant products from major brands… Slide7:  Choose to be a ‘Distributor’ with RMP Infotec (P) Ltd. by purchasing any one of the product packages marketed, once in a life time. Explain the business possibility to just two of your friends. Help them to duplicate the same. Slide8:  6790/- 12000/- 22000/- 5490/- 6170/- 6590/- 6790/- 6590/- 6790/- 6990/- 25990/- 13990/- Slide9:  E-COM AND RETAIL INCOME(BIG AZAR):MONTHLY a) RETAIL PROFIT : 20% b) LEVEL INCOME : 21% c) RANK INCOME : 22.50% d) ROYALTY INCOME : 3% TOTAL : 66.5% 2) REFEREAL INCOME : WEEKLY 3) ROYALTY INCOME : MONTHLY YOUR BENEFIT Intellectual Distribution Network:  Sponsor Intellectual Distribution Network COMPANY REFERRAL INCOME:  REFERRAL INCOME Slide13:  REFERRAL INCOME Slide14:  REFERRAL INCOME Slide15:  REFERRAL INCOME Slide16:  REFERRAL INCOME Slide19:  4ROYALTY(2ND TYPE OF INCOME (ONGOING INCOME)) Achieve 250 pairs, no time limit, Monthly Royalty of 5% of Global Sales Turnover is divided among the achievers. (RS.8,000/- TO RS.16,000/-) IN A MONTH 1ST ROYALTY INCOME YOU 250 250 Slide20:  3RD TYPE OF INCOME FAMILY MART Ongoing repurchasing income in association with BIG BAZAR RETAIL INCOME UP TO 20% LEVEL INCOME UP TO 21% RANK INCOME UP TO 21% ROYALTY INCOME UP TO 3% E-COM,RETAIL INCOME:  YOU 250 250 E-COM,RETAIL INCOME TOTAL INCOME AT THIS LEVEL REFERREL COMMISION = 250,000/- RANK COMMISION = (500*2000)=100000*3% = RS.30,000(PM) LEVEL COMMISION = (500*2000)=100000*.5% = 5000(PM) ROYALTY INCOME = Rs.8000 PM TOTAL INCOME AT THIS LEVEL = RS.47,795(PM) E-COM,RETAIL INCOME:  YOU 10000 10000 E-COM,RETAIL INCOME TOTAL INCOME AT THIS LEVEL REFERREL COMMISION = 10000000 RANK COMMISION = (20000*2000)=40000000*1.5%= 6LAC=12000000 LEVEL COMMISION = (20000*2000)=40000000*.5% = 1LAC= 1200000 ROYALTY INCOME = 3% (TURN OVER DIVIDED AMONG ALL DIMOND AND ABOVE LEVEL) = NO LIMIT(MIN A CRORE) TOTAL INCOME AT THIS LEVEL = 400,00,000/- IN A YEAR Slide23:  MC ADV IMC MRP + + = Conventional Distribution System Slide25:  SALIENT FEATURES WEEKLY PROFITS UNLIMITED INCOME GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ON-LINE BUSINESS MONITORING Slide26:  COMMISSION IS DISTRIBUTED IN 1 : 1 RATIO SALES CLOSING FRIDAY MIDNIGHT INCENTIVE @ Rs.1000/- PER PAIR MAX. INCOME PER WEEK Rs.1,30,000/- FROM aA SINGLE BUSINESS CENTRE & RETAIL INCOME IS UNLIMITED *All incentives subject to Tax Deducted at Source, Form 16A available on application. Slide27:  It is an unit linked life insurance policy. Age group 0 to 55 years. Model Premium Rs 12,000/ year  minimum Premium, to be paid for 3 years. 97 % Allocation percentage. Sum assured 4 lakhs. Accidental death benefit 4 lakhs. Tax relief under Sec.80 (C) of IT Act. Rs. 12,000/- "New Family Gain" PACKAGE - 01 Slide28:  It is an unit linked life insurance policy. Age group 0 to 55 years. Model Premium Rs 22,000 per year  minimum premium to be paid for 3 years. 94 percentage allocation. Sum assured 902000 lakhs. Accidental death benefit 902000 lakhs. Tax relief under Sec.80 (C) of IT Act. "Unit Gain Plus Gold " PACKAGE - 02 Rs. 22,000/- Slide29:  DIMENSIONS 98mm, 48mm, 14mm WEIGHT 75 grams DISPLAY Large 2.2’ 2.4’ TOUCH SCREEN DIGITAL MUSIC PLAYER MP4 PLAYER PACKAGE - 03 Rs. 13,990/- Slide30:  Rs. 25,990/- PACKAGE - 04 Slide31:  Portable Can treat hard water. Kills irrevocably bacteria & virus. Does not require running water. Cleaning of vegetables & fruits. Oxidises surface bacteria. Removes toxic residue left by chlorine treatment, namely Trichlorohalamine. Does not change water quality, removes odour. Consumes negligible power. Compact, moulded shock-proof container. GE OZONE WATER PURIFIER + VIMAL PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH Rs. 6,590/- PACKAGE - 05 Slide32:  ENERGY SAVER + VIMAL PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH Rs. 5,490/- X1&X2 are Power Factor Regulators Voltage Stabilizers Power Savers Rated Voltage : 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz Storage Temperature : 10 deg C to 80 deg C Ambient Humidity : 0 % to 90 % PACKAGE - 06 Slide33:  OPEN MICROWAVE OVEN + VIMAL PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH Rs. 6,790/- Ratings: 1800W, 220V, 50 Hz Features: It allows automated cooking with timer Flameless cooking using HF EM field Micro controller based design Very high efficiency Reduces cooking time to half effectively PACKAGE - 07 Slide34:  RMP MEDILIFE PACKAGE PACKAGE - 10 Rs.3 Lakhs ICICI Mediclaim Policy (RMP’s COMPLETE CARE Plan For Your Entire Family) 3 GPA ( 3 Lakhs) Rs. 6,990/- PACKAGE - 8 Slide35:  Regular & Mini Vacuum Cleaner + Vimal Premium Suit Length Office Home Car Rs. 6,790/- PACKAGE – 11 PACKAGE - 9 Slide36:  EXECUTIVE SLIM PAIR WATCH + VIMAL PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH (SWISS MADE) PACKAGE – 12 Rs. 6,590/- 24 Ct Gold Plated Gold Bracelet with Golden Dial Extra Slim Pair Water Resistant PACKAGE - 10 Slide37:  RMP Siyaram's Suitings & Shirtings Premium Suit Length - 3.25 Mts (1 Pcs) Premium Oxemberg Shirts - 3 Pcs Rs. 6170/- PACKAGE - 12 Slide38:   MAHAVIR METALS (INDIA), Mumbai.  Estd : 1942 Successfully doing business in Steel, Metals, Trading , Construction & Finance for more than 65 Years (Annual Turnover Rs. 2500 crores, Assets Rs 800 crores) Pioneers in Metal products in India The first Company to produce Steel Utensils Products include Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel etc., provides steel sheets for Hyundai Cars Their Financial Services have clients like the Film Industry involving crores of Rupees. Mahavir group has got many Textiles and Spinning factories A Multi-thousand crore company . PTR ENGINEERING SERVICES, Chennai.  Estd : 1960 Successfully doing business in Turn-key consultancy, International level Interiors & Fabrication for more than 45 Years Pioneers in Structural Fabrication field. Some of their work includes AIIMS Hospital, Lakeshore Hospital , Cochin Shipyard and AVT group. Have done major work on Railway tracks of Southern Railways. Provide engineering services like design fabrication, supply, erection & commission of chemical vessels, pipelines & equipments. Multi-thousand crore company.   RMP INFOTEC PRIVATE LIMITED Registered Office F1, First Floor, Apollo Dubai Plaza, (Near Kodambakkam Bridge), 100, Mahalingapuram Main Road, Chennai - 600034 Official Website: Phone: 044 - 28171055 / 28170644 Fax : 044 - 42138434 PROMOTERS Slide40:  “In moments of Decision, Destiny is Shaped.” - Anthony Robbins Visit us @ 2008 ? Slide41:  COURAGE!

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