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Published on August 6, 2008

Author: Hoodzy


Slide 1: Design Brief Design Specification The focus of this project is to design 3 billboard advertisements for the company Creative. I will also be generating a story board of an advert that would be shown on TV, furthering the advertisement of this company. Creative technology create a wide range of products, including MP3 players, speakers, and personal computers. It is a mainly music based company, and this will be incorporated in to m design. My target market will be mainly teenagers, but also early adulthood as these are the people more likely to be driving past my billboards, and interested in new technology. My designs will have to fit the following specification: The designs must be recognisable as advertising creative The designs must be eye catching The designs must have minimal amounts of writing The design must be clear The design must be able to be seen from far away The design must reflect the product it is advertising The design must not use colours that could be offensive The design must not use offensive language The design must not use copyrighted images The storyboard must be eye-catching and interesting The storyboard must not use explicit language that could be seen as offensive The storyboard must display information bout the product The designs must attract the target audience The design must not distract people from driving The design must fit the dimensions of a billboard The design must b good quality even when enlarged onto a billboard The storyboard must fit a 30 second time schedule The theme of my designs must match the theme of my mood board The billboard designs must be recognisable as the same advert idea as the storyboard The design idea must be original Existing Billboards : Existing Billboards Here are some images I have collected of existing billboards. They generally use bright eye catching colours and how the product they are advertising very clearly. The Coca Cola billboard for example, very effectively portrays its product and company name very simply. Many of these billboards also have very unique features that make them stand out to anyone passing. The Heineken advert is a very interesting advert and very different form other large adverts shown, so this makes it a talking point and so the product itself becomes more talked about. These are all very useful examples of billboards that I can use to improve my designs. Slide 4: Here are some examples of previous Creative imagery. They all have a very modern feel to the and most use simple subtle colours that blend well with each other. This creates a calm mood and suggests Creative technology wants to create a relation between feeling calm and listening to music on their products Slide 5: These storyboards show examples of adverts, some that are currently on TV. As many people have viewed these adverts, it is very clear to see the relationship between the storyboard and finished product. Each storyboard shows the most important images and changes in the advert, and in some directional arrows are used to show movement. These examples will help me when designing my own storyboard. Billboard Research : Billboard Research I will be designing a three billboards that will be displayed as part of an advertising campaign. These will have to meet requirements of existing billboards, for example it must fit the size of 6096x 3048 scale. Although billboards are an expensive method of advertising, it must be taken into consideration that it is a very effective way of portraying a product, and thousands of people will view it. Therefore the cost is cancelled out by the exposure the company will gain. My three billboards will all be advertising the same product by the Creative technology company, and this product will be displayed on each of the billboards. The company name and MP3 name, Zen, will also be displayed on the billboard, so people will recognise the product when viewed in a shop or on the internet. Motorists will be the main target market of my billboard advertisement. Many motorists, especially in rush hour, travel on roads for long periods of time regularly. This means they will often view the billboard advertisement more than once, and this will make them remember the product and chose it over other unrecognisable products when thinking of purchasing an MP3. This will help sales of the MP3, and therefore it is a very cost-effective advertisement Final Billboard Designs : Final Billboard Designs 6096 mm 3048 mm Storyboard : Storyboard The girl says goodbye at the station The tube arrives, and the crowded fast pace is emphasised The girl seems sad and wants to get away from reality She puts some music on, on her Zen MP3 The music artist suddenly appears singing the selected song in front of the girl on the tube Suddenly the girl is at a music concert instead of on the tube, the same song still continuing The girl and her friend she said goodbye to are at the concert The song stops and the girl quickly switches back to being on the tube, smiles, and sits back more relaxed, with the MP3 appearing The screen fades in to the product information with the over voice saying, “The soundtrack to your life” Evaluation : Evaluation My final design matches the specification very well. For example: The design is eye catching The design is recognisably advertising a Creative product The design is clear and has a minimal amount of writing The design is not offensive in anyway, and does not use explicit language The design is noticeable and interesting but not distracting for drivers The design is not cluttered and too busy The three billboard designs match the same design theme The design is attractive to the target audience Overall I think my final designs are very effective. I am pleased with my final designs, however I think they can be improved. Spending more time on the final designs rather than research would have improved the quality of my designs, and might have lead to hand drawings being produced and rendered rather than images taken from the internet and other sources. This would have created a better final product and is an improvement I will complete in the next project. In manufacturing my design could be quality assured by checking that the colours that are printed out are the same as on the computer screen, as this can be a big problem in manufacturing. However, I am still pleased with my final designs and storyboard, and think they would be a successful advertising campaign.

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