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Published on July 14, 2016

Author: MuhammadBilalAslam4


1. Muhammad Bilal Aslam Electrical Engineer CAREER GOAL Toprovemyselfasavaluableresourceinachallengingenvironmentbyaddingvaluetotheprocessof an organization through my knowledge, expertise, innovative ideas and problem solving skills. STRENGTHS  Familiar with single line (SLDs) schematic and cable diagrams.  Good understanding of electrical drawing and load consumption analysis.  Formulating long term/short term strategic plans to enhance operations.  Effective communicator with assertive and strong leadership & analytical qualities.  Adept in installing, testing, commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment.  Planning & scheduling assignments to achieve pre-set goals within time parameters.  In-depth knowledge of power distribution, electrical product cycle, power control and protection systems.  Extensive knowledge of preventive and predictive maintenance methods to increase machine uptime and equipment reliability.  Executing cost effective and energy saving techniques to achieve substantial reduction in operations & maintenance expenditures. WORK EXPERIENCE / INTERNSHIP Dec 2014 – Feb 2016  Etihad Sugar Mills Limited, Pakistan • Plant Installed Capacity: 22MW (2x 5 MW S.T + 2x 6 MW S.T) Working Areas: • Power House, Cooling System, Protection System, Generator Auxiliaries. Job Responsibilities:  Responsible for Power House maintenance.  Responsible for daily load consumption record for Power House.  Troubleshooting and fault analysis of Electrical Machines and Instruments.  Carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work of all the electrical and control equipment such as generators, motors, transformers, control panels, circuit breakers and responding to equipment faults; diagnosing breakdown problems.  Fitting new parts and making sure equipment is working correctly.  Layout drawings of Electrical Power Distribution.  Handling the shift employee’s and inspecting all the electrical equipment of the mill. • Capable of Production Planning & Control. • Good understanding of Steam production through Boilers for Power Generation. • Able to handle Boiler & Turbine working, operation and safety. July 2013 – Aug 2013 Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 502 524 394 PEC Registration No. ELECT/51167

2.  Pakistan Central Power Generation Company Limited GENCO-II Thermal Power Station, Pakistan. • Plant Installed Capacity: 1655 MW (2x110 MW S.T + 2x210 MW S.T + 4x100 MW G.T + 2x100 MW S.T+ 2x136 MW G.T + 1x143 MW S.T) . 747 MW Combined Cycled Power Plant (2x255.60 MW G.T + 1x265.50 MW S.T) Working Areas:  Internship training in Steam and Gas Turbine Power Plants.  Power House, Power Transformers, Switch Yard, Feeders, Excitation System, Power Factor Improvement, Generator Auxiliaries, Protective Devices (Circuit Breakers, Relays and Isolators). Job Responsibilities: During my internship, I got practical knowledge concerned to: • Operation and Control of 220KV and 132KV Grid station Units. • Open and Combined Cycled Operation. • Protection of Grid System Units. • Gas & Steam Turbines working principle. • 132 / 220 KV Switchyards. Aug 2012 – Sep 2012  Agritech Limited (formerly Pak American Fertilizer Limited) • Plant Installed Capacity: 23MW (2x11.5 MW S.T.G) Working Areas: • Internship training in Combined Cycle Power Plant. • Power House, Boiler House, Demineralization Water Treatment Plant, Excitation System, Cooling Towers, Protection System, L.V Transformers. EDUCATION Nov 2010 – Nov 2014 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Power Engineering CGPA: 3.28/4 The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Sep 2007 – Sep 2010 Higher Secondary School Certification (Pre-Engineering) Grade: A Khawaja Fareed Government Post Graduate College Aug 2005 – Aug 2007 Secondary School Certification (Science) Grade: A Government Comprehensive School FINAL YEAR PROJECT Aug 2014 – Oct 2014 (Awarded Best Project – Ranked #1) Differential and Overload Protection of Power Transformers using Arduino Uno.  Implementation of Arduino Uno microcontroller-board based on ATmega328 (datasheet) for the Differential and Overload Protection of Power Transformers. SEMESTER PROJECTS Solar Battery Charger Circuit Design using LM317 Voltage Regulator.  Design of a Solar Battery Charging Circuit through LM317 voltage regulator and the regulating the output by adjusting the pin of the voltage regulator. Analysis of 132kv Gird Station using Etap Software.  Using Etap software for analyses of large electrical power system which comprises of large power distribution network emanating from 132 kV power grid.

3. Controlling Speed and Direction of D.C Motor using Pulse Width Modulation through 555 Timer. • Control of a D.C Motor by applying Pulse Width Modulation using 555 Timer to the motor and varying the width of the pulse. • Four way Traffic Light Signal using PIC16F84A Microcontroller in Proteus ISIS.  Utilization of a circuit to facilitate the movement of traffic in a four way lane system using PIC16F84A Microcontroller in Proteus ISIS. WORKSHOPS/ EXHIBITIONS • Innovative Solar Parks for the MENA region. • Best practice in structuring Solar Power Project Finance. • Dubai Municipality Projects and Best Practices in Solar Energy. • Innovative and advancements in Solar Energy Storage Systems. • Exploring the potential for Solar Desalination in the Middle East. • The role of SME's in driving the Solar Industry in the MENA region. • Achieving Energy Independence with Off Grid, Battery Based Solar Energy System. MEMBERSHIP  Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)  Registered Engineer with PEC Registration No. ELECT/51167. CERTIFICATE  Certificate of Supervision  Certified by Pakistan Engineering Council with Registration No. ELECT/51167.  Authorized to supervise the engineering works of construction firms registered under Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Specialized Work Specialized Work Specialized Work Low Voltage Installation Chiller for Power Plants General Civil Engineering Works High Voltage Installation Specialized Lightening System Oil & Gas Pipe Lines Building Automation & Energy Generation System Heat Recovery & Pollution Control System Industrial Plants, Prefabricated & Steel Framed Buildings Fire Prevention & Protection System Security & Safety Surveillance System Road, Pavement, Marine, Drainage & Bridge Structures Lifts & Escalators Compressor Generators Ventilation, Heating & Air Conditioning System Dam/Water Retaining Structures SKILLS AND INTERESTS Language: C++ Softwares: Matlab, Simulink, Etap, AutoCAD, Proteus ISIS and ARES, Electronics Workbench. EmbeddedDevice: Microcontroller (ArduinoUno). DocumentationTool: Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Excel). Hobbies: Reading, Social Networking, Playing Football. REFERENCE(S) Will be furnished upon request.

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