bigdata lambda architecture (spark, kafka, cassandra)

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Information about bigdata lambda architecture (spark, kafka, cassandra)

Published on July 11, 2016

Author: zigiella


1. Lambda Architecture for Twitter content-based Recommendation System Barcelona Tourist City Monitor & Insights 01.07.2016 #SPARK #KAFKA #CASSANDRA Juan Pablo López Rodica Fazakas Yulia Zvyagelskaya Beatriz Martín BIG DATA MANAGEMENT AND ANALYTICS POSTGRADUATE COURSE - FINAL PROJECT

2. Data

3. Data Source ENGLISH, FRENCH, RUSSIAN [41.34,2.03,41.45,2.25] Tweets geolocated in Barcelona Tweets with Barcelona KW Barcelona Sagradafa MWC

4. Data Source (amount of data) [41.34,2.03,41.45,2.25] All languages: 20.000 tweets/day Only EN, FR, RU: 7.000 tweets/day All languages: 250.000 tweets/day Only EN, FR, RU: 80.000 tweets/day Barcelona Sagradafa MWC

5. Data Management

6. Cluster topology

7. Architecture

8. - Architecture

9. Data Collect Layer

10. Data Collect Layer Collect Process

11. Data Collect Layer: Apache Kafka Distributed publish-subscribe messaging service Fault-tolerant Decoupling, Simplicity, Efficiency Fast topics: twittergeobcn, twitterkwbcn, rtstats, rtpredictions

12. Data Collect Layer Collect Process topics: twittergeobcn, twitterkwbcn

13. Data Collect Layer

14. Data Collection: Apache Flume

15. Processing Analytics Layer

16. Processing Analytics Layer

17. Batch Processing: Pre Process ● Collect ● Pre Process ● Read Geolocated Tweets stored in HDFS ● Clean Tweet Text (lowercase, numbers, spaces,tabs,etc..) ● Categorize users (tourist, resident), comparing geolocation of last 200 tweets ● Save in Cassandra for ML processes

18. Batch Processing: Topic Modelling Process ● Collect ● TP Process

19. Batch Processing: SVM Process ● Collect ● SVM Process Model

20. Streaming Process Collect Stats Process topic: twittergeobcn topic: rtstats Predict Process topic: rtpredictions Model

21. API Layer

22. API Layer REST API

23. Dashboard HTML

24. DEMO

25. Thank you!

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