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Information about BigchainDB Overview - A scalable blockchain database

Published on October 26, 2016

Author: BigchainDB


1. A scalable blockchain database for people who are changing the world

2. Our Story Bruce Pon CEO, co-founder 2 Startups Built 12 banks globally MITSloan Dr. Trent McConaghy CTO, co-founder 3 Startups Drove Moore’s Law with AI software 50+ Patents, Books & Publications Dr. Masha McConaghy Community, co-founder Former Gallerist / Exhibition Organizer Ph.D. Sorbonne, Louvre Before BigchainDB we were, a service for artists to protect their rights using the blockchain. Seeing that the Bitcoin blockchain couldn’t scale past 2 transactions per second, we decided to build our own. Combining the best of blockchains – decentralized control, immutability and asset autonomy – with the massive scaling of distributed databases – high throughput, low latency, high capacity and queryability – we built BigchainDB. It’s a scalable blockchain database for people who are changing the world. 2

3. 1 • $1.4 Billion deployed to 1,000 BTC & blockchain startups since 2011 • Infrastructure, platforms and apps being co-developed • Developing at 4x the pace of the Internet Moving Fast $1 Billion 3 • Global impact on all assets - worth $100 Trillion • Every major industry and sector is affected • Laying the foundation for a new Internet of Value Global Excitement $100 Trillion Market 2 • The market for blockchain services will be $10 Billion* • 1,000 companies have started proof-of-concept activities • 200,000 developers are learning blockchain tech Business Need $10 Billion 3* Internal unpublished estimate from a large legacy DB vendor

4. Bitcoin derived blockchains cannot be used in enterprise because of limits to scaling, interoperability, and security Throughput 2 transactions per second isn’t enough Latency 10 minutes is too slow Capacity 80GB is laughable for a database Performance Decreases as nodes are added Query Not indexed or queryable Novelty Tech stack is bleeding edge Problems 4

5. BigchainDB looks, acts and feels like a database. Enterprises can deploy blockchain applications quickly and integrate to existing systems Solution Throughput 100,000 transactions per second Latency Sub-second Capacity Petabytes Performance Improves as nodes are added Query Indexed and queryable Novelty Leverages existing DBs & systems 5

6. Product 6 Security & Privacy Key distribution infrastructure allows network participants to identify new members and members to have full control to selectively grant data access Data Immutability Suppression of internode communication and DB admin activities guarantees that data can’t be modified Massive Scalability Pipelining of events into a backlog table allows block creation every second with transaction validation in parallel. Throughput of100k+ transaction per seconds Business Logic Automation Circuit inspired crypto-conditions allow business logic automation and escrow. If/Then simple contracts can be triggered with multisig, time and hash locks Robust Architecture Inherits the performance and scalability of the underlying database substrate. Customers can choose their preferred database substrate to minimize integration and interoperability barriers

7. Best of Two Worlds More at: BIG DATA DATABASESBITCOIN BIGCHAINDB Data immutability Decentralized control Asset autonomy High throughput Low latency High capacity Access permissioning Query & search

8. Strategy 8 Open Source Version Enterprise Version Enterprise Version ++ • Community Release v1.0 Q1/17 • Active community building and collaboration with system integrators, cloud, platforms and blockchain startups • Release Interplanetary Database, an open platform to let developers build blockchain apps in 5 minutes • Enterprise Release v1.0 Q3/17 built on a MongoDB substrate to leverage backups, monitoring and scaling • Custom integration & POCs • Support tiers • Training & consulting • Integration with more database substrates to give customers more choice • Full suite of drivers, APIs and webhooks • Hosted services Phase 1: 2016-2017 Phase 2: 2018

9. Engagements 9 Capital Markets Supply Chain Payments Energy Real-time exposure & position Streamline back office & reconciliation Faster settlement Prevent fraud Detect fraud and leakage See bottlenecks and delays Reduce risk and cost Reduce time Audit trail and receipts P2P energy trading Internet of Things and M2M Balance energy grids

10. 1 Every company needs to have a blockchain strategy No other scalable blockchain database on the market 3 Thousands of enterprises need a scalable blockchain database to implement their strategy Competition 2 Other offerings require trade- offs in privacy, security or flexibility 10

11. Current Offerings Consult Ideate Train Run Proof-of-Concept Bruce Pon

12. Contact 12 Contact Bruce Pon +49 160 9059 5987 Resources Website Whitepaper Documentation

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