Big6: Step #6 - Evaluation

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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: kjvance



A form designed to help students reflect on the process (and a little bit of their product) of their Big6 research project. - Obviously the word bank didn't convert well on upload, but you get the idea. I modified this from a PDF I found online but cannot find any authoring information. If you recognize this format, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

Big6 - Evaluation Planning my research Finding resources Evaluating resources Using a variety of sources Reading and understanding information Note-taking Highlighting Annotating Keyword searching for help Asking Database searching Using class time wisely Organization Time management Writing changes and revisions Working independently Planning ahead Creating a Works Cited page Making Working with others 1. Some of my strengths in using the Big6 to do research and solve this information problem were: 2. Parts of the research process that I need to work on are: 3. Things that helped me solve my information problem successfully were: 4. Things that I found challenging about solving my information problem were: Reflecting on my Process & Product Consistently, Usually, Sometimes, Rarely I knew what my information problem was before I started to find information. C U S R I brainstormed a variety of resources and then chose the best possible sources available to me. C U S R I asked for help from the teacher/librarian when I had difficulty finding information. C U S R I read, viewed, or listened carefully, making a conscious decision about what information to use and what information to discard. C U S R I organized my notes as I collected information from my sources. C U S R I planned the structure of my final product before putting it together. C U S R I reviewed and revised my product before producing a final copy, attempting to find and change problem areas. C U S R I created a final product consistent with the assignment. C U S R I included all required information covering each portion of my assignment. C U S R

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