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Published on December 4, 2012

Author: crumplezone



How to drill down into big-site index and crawl problems fast, and the tools to try to solve those problems (by Dr. Pete - BlueGlassX 2012)

Big Site SEO Triage Dr. Peter J. Meyers Marketing Scientist SEOmoz

Are you a real doctor?

Why I’m a believer…

My philosophy… Keyword Density* *just kidding

My philosophy… Q: Is there a dupe content penalty?

My philosophy… A: I don’t give a shit.

I. Look at the damned site

Your top 2 SEO tools

Scope out the architecture

Navigate the main links

Quick-count internal links

Check for pagination

Scan search filters, sorts…

II. Drill down quickly

Master the basics

Expert’s handiwork

Amateur’s handlesswork

Two useful combos site: + intitle: site: + inurl:

Quick duplicate check intitle:”unique phrase”

Spot-check URL parameters inurl:page=

Spot-check the architecture

Real-world example11M - site:example.com8.4M - - site:…/shop inurl:option

How reliable is site:?(a) site:…/blog(c) site:…/blog intitle:spam

Experiment results…(a) 67,700 – 114,000(b) 4,580 – 8,650(c) 40 – 40

Don’t forget the basics  Robots.txt  HTTP headers  HTML headers

III. Bring in the firepower

GWT – HTML Improvements

GWT – Index Status (Advanced)

GWT – Tiered XML sitemaps I. Main pages II. Categories III. Products

Screaming Frog – URL parameters

SF – Track bad internal links

IV. Choose your weapon

Robots.txt + Don’t need dev access + Good for prevention - Still can be dangerous - Bad for removal

Meta noindex + Extremely flexible + Fairly easy to reverse - Occasionally ignored

301 redirects + Still very powerful + Impact users + search - Difficult to reverse - Google can get suspicious

Rel=canonical + Fast and powerful + Very flexible - Easy to screw up

Rel=prev, Rel=next + Low-risk option + Allows pages to rank - Difficult to implement

Rule #1 for page-level cues They can’t see what They don’t crawl

GWT parameter handling + Requires no site access - Inconsistently applied - Google-specific

Technical SEO isn’t dead

Thank You! Dr. Peter J. Meyers @dr_pete

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