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Information about Big Data - Load CSV File & Query the EZ way - HPCC Systems

Published on July 18, 2014

Author: FujioTurner



A "How To" to load CSV files into HPCC Systems and query them. You can use this method to migrate your RDBMS data ,MySQL / Oracle / SQL, into HPCC Systems.

HPCC Systems Loading csv Data & Querying By Fujio Turner @myhousehippo

BusinessDevelopmentCustomers 1 20 Non-Indexed Full Data Set

Map/Reduce SQL w/ JOINS GraphDB Machine Learning Simple to Complex Queries

“I’m sub-second fast.” “I can query all or part of your data.” Thor Roxie Hard Disk Index(optional) Hard Disk Index(optional) In-memory Index SSD Either/Both Architecture

Data QueryFile Example CSV data sample source

Administrator Web GUI! on Port 8010IP / Url of HPCC install

4. add ,t 5. 1. Upload file*! 2. Distribute to cluster! 3. Name of file in cluster! 4. Most CSV have t! 5. Push to cluster *2GB file size limit through web No limit if uploaded via SOAP Load !! ! ! Data

In Thor Cluster Loaded*optional file rename

Query w/ ECL Com := DATASET(‘~test::complaints’,ComS, CSV(HEADING(1), SEPARATOR([',','t']))); ComS :=RECORD UNSIGNED3 ComplaintID; STRING23 Product; STRING38 State; …………………………. …………………………. STRING31Consumer_disputed; END; Ma; //Output Ma := Com(State = ‘MA’); WHERE `State` = ‘MA’ File Type File Location,! “FROM Table” “USE DATABASE;” “SELECT * ….” Schema

1. Go to playground! 2. Edit ECL! 3. Pick “thor” Cluster! 4. Submit _CSV_LOAD_and_QUERY Practice

Schema Made EZ CSV IN Schema OUTClick Take a small part of your CSV data and go to the link below to make an ECL Schema

ECL Guide Watch how to install HPCC Systems in 5 Minutes

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