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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: FranBangor


Costa and McCrae (1985) introduced five main dimensions of personality characteristics that have come to be known as the Big Five Model. Research on a large sample of participants completing lengthy personality questionnaires revealed clusters of traits that emerged into five categories of personality, described as follows: 1. ExtraversionTigger measures one’s sociability. This factor Individuals who score high in this trait are talkative, assertive, excitable, sociable and have high amounts of emotional expressiveness. Tigger is Pooh’s irresponsible, trouble making friend. He loves to bounce, especially on others. He also likes to have fun, is very energetic, overconfident and he describes any task as “it’s what tigger’s do best”. Big Five Personality Traits 4.Conscientiousness- Rabbit This personality dimension includes features such as goal directed behaviour high levels of thoughtfulness, good self discipline. Individuals that score high in this trait tend to be organized and mindful of details. Rabbit is friendly, but insist on doing things his way. He is obsessed with planning, rules and order. He often bosses others around, is proud of his garden and does not like when others mess it up. (Winnie-De-Pooh characters) 5. Neuroticism- Eeyore 2. AgreeablenessPiglet includes characteristics such as This trait kindness, affection, trust and other pro social behaviours. Piglet is Pooh’s best friend. He is a quite fearful, timorous, small animal. However throughout the story, he shows bravery when faced with problems. He loves “haycorns”. 3. Openness- Winnie-DeThis trait includes characteristics such as Pooh curiosity, active imagination and intellectual insight. Individuals who score high in this trait tend to have broad range of interests. Pooh is friendly, thoughtful and insightful character that always helps his friends. He is a talented poet, comfortable with his creative gifts. Common features of this trait include anxiety, sadness, emotional instability, and moodiness. Eeyore keeps loosing his tail and has a house made of sticks that falls apart all the time. Eeyore is cautious, slow talking, and never opposes anyone because he thinks it would be futile.

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