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Information about BIF Aging In Place Multi-Partner Collaboration

Published on August 17, 2009

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BIF\'s Elder Experience Lab is launching a multi-partner collaboration enabling elders to age at home.

BIF Elder Experience Lab: Enabling Elders to Age in Place A Multi-partner Collaboration to Develop Market-Making Solutions for Elder Care 1

Wanted: Collaborators to Develop Market Making Solutions for Elders Aging in Place. •  Premise: Elders want to age at home with dignity. •  Opportunity: Design a system to enable aging in place. •  Collaboration: Value is in the gray areas between silos and sectors. •  Engagement: Access to a real world collaborative lab platform. •  Leadership: Develop market making solutions. 2

Multi-Partner Collaboration in the BIF Elder Experience Lab to Re-envision Aging in Place The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) launched its Elder Experience Lab in 2008 to mobilize system change by creating a platform where partners gather deep insights into the experience of older adults and leverage those insights to design, test and develop new products, services, and business models in a real-world laboratory. This proposal outlines a multi-partner collaboration within the Elder Experience Lab that enables participants to gain deep insight in to the experience of elders aging in place and uncover opportunities for developing transformative solutions that better meet the needs of aging-in-place elders. 3

As a Collaboration Partner You Will Access: 1. A connected consortium of partners from across industry sectors working together to understand and develop new market opportunities created through the national shift to in-home elder care environments. 2. Deep insight via a multi-media map of the current “aging in place” experience across a variety of demographic personas. 3. Prioritized list of opportunities for redesigning the aging in place experience, including solutions within and across industry boundaries. 4. Cost-effective platform for designing and testing new models for delivering value to baby boomers seeking to age in place and a platform for shaping dialogue about the future of elder care. 4

Business Innovation Factory Enables Market Making Ideas Worth Scaling Unique non-profit, focused on enabling systems-level innovation in areas of high social impact including; health care, education and energy. Emphasis on improving user experience through real-world experimentation. BIF embraces design thinking and process, open innovation, and storytelling as key enablers for developing market making solutions. 5

BIF Experience Labs: From the Whiteboard into the Real World Labs enable partners to gather deep insights into user experience and design/test new models with direct customer engagement. Platform optimized for collaborative work where insights are shared to produce transformative models for delivering value. BIF has established the Elder Experience Lab and the Student Experience Lab to-date. Plans for Code Green Lab in the energy space in 2010. 6

The Elder Care Challenge BIF launched the Elder Experience Lab because incremental fixes are not enough to create system-wide transformation: •  There are more nursing homes in America than McDonalds. •  Cost model unsustainable, nursing home care costs expected to increase from $125 billion (‘06) to $300 billion in 2015 and $700 billion in 2030. •  Current system unprepared to serve the baby boomers: By 2030, 85 million people will be over age 65 (compare to 35 million today). •  Options for aging in place are limited by poor integration of services/products into home environments, lack of supporting system. 7

The Elder Experience Opportunity Appetite for transformative, system-level change strengthened by current economic crisis and un-sustainability of current cost model. •  Significant opportunity exists to design new systems that deliver health and wellness services to aging in place elders. •  Big winners will be those to launch new networked models of product/service delivery that reach elders where and when they need them. •  “Time is Now” attitude has created new demand for alternatives; baby boomers are planning for their futures. 8

The Elder Experience Lab uses observational and ethnographic methods to document the elder experience. The Lab works directly with elders, participating in social events, meeting with families, interviewing caregivers and documenting all efforts with audio, video and still photography. 9

BIF Elder Experience Lab: Putting the Elder at the Center Early work in the lab created detailed depictions of the current experience of elders living in assisted living and skilled nursing environments to illuminate day-to-day dynamics of elder life and reveal areas most in need of redesign. Team synthesized work into a series of maps, illustrations and multimedia vignettes that reveal deep insights into how elders interact with caregivers, utilize spaces, care for body and mind, make use of equipment and furnishings, and engage in recreational activities. “Opportunity Map” created that shows, in graphic form, components of the current elder experience that are most ripe for re-design. 10

Primary Drivers of the Elder Experience Work identified a number of experience areas that are primary drivers of quality of life. The Lab has established modules of activity in each area, including: •  Personal Care •  Medication Management •  Food and Nutrition •  Entertainment and Communications •  Mobility •  Personal Finance 11

BIF’s unique focus on storytelling helps us translate activity into lab into visual materials that make information easy to understand and absorb. 12

Deep elder engagement is central to activity in the Elder Experience Lab. In workshops and design studios, elders participate directly in design and development work. This approach has enabled BIF to create an engaged group of lab participants. 13

BIF Elder Experience Lab: An Activated Platform for Discovery Lab currently includes five major user groups: elders aging in skilled nursing care, elders aging in assisted living environments, elders aging in place, elder caregivers, and baby boomers living independently. In summer of 2009, Lab expanded to include a virtual component that allows participants to engage remotely, with special focus on baby boomer engagement. Platform ideally suited to test new systems for delivering at-home care and new, collaborative business models for health and wellness services that enable boomers to stay in their homes or in community-based care longer. 14

The Elder Experience Lab in Action: Personal Care Lab conducted client work in Personal Care for global company seeking to expand products and services targeted at baby boomer market, deep dive elder experience mapping in showering, toileting, and dressing. Documented elder personal care experience and developed prioritized list of new revenue creating opportunities. Opportunities included new products, services and business models for integrated home solutions that address elders personal care needs. 15

The Elder Experience Lab in Action: Medication Management Lab completed deep dive experience mapping in medication management with cohort of two dozen elders. Worked with elders and caregivers to create detailed depiction of how elders store, take, order and manage medications. Used experience mapping work to identify opportunities for new medication management solutions, e.g., highly user-centric solutions that ease medication regimes for elders and caregivers. 16

Going Forward: The Aging in Place Experience What will it take to enable more elders to live well within non- institutional environments? •  New networked models and integrated health and wellness solutions •  Significant innovation in how services are delivered •  Intentional focus on what the individual (not the institutions) needs to age well •  Bold new business models for meeting elders unmet needs •  A neutral platform for experimenting that moves ideas from the whiteboard into the real world to accelerate the design and implementation of market making solutions. 17

Collaborative Partnership Opportunity in the BIF Elder Experience Lab The Elder Experience Lab is ideally positioned for a multi-partner collaboration that enables participants to deeply understand the aging in place experience and identify opportunities for solutions that better meet the needs of baby boomers who want to age in place. BIF’s non-profit status creates unique platform for this work and focus on transformative innovation—not incremental fixes—makes the lab complimentary to most organization’s current innovation and R&D programming. Collaboration between partners enables flow of information and insights critical to developing networked business models that link capabilities across traditional boundaries. 18

Collaboration Work Starts by Mapping the ‘Aging in Place’ Experience BIF Elder Experience Lab is a sustainable platform creating “living experience maps” using visualization and storytelling tools to bring the aging in place elder experience to life. Experience maps are enabled by an ethnographic and observational design approach across a cohort of ~200 elders to observe and capture behaviors, attitudes and other human factors that define and drive the aging in place experience. BIF’s non-profit platform and embedded storytelling capability will provide partners with digital assets and connections to advance innovation branding and network alignment both in and out of the organization. 19

Collaborative Work Continues Building the ‘Aging in Place’ Opportunity Map Outputs from elder experience mapping will be organized in highly accessible and transferrable formats and in easily digital packaging. Storytelling techniques bring the aging in place experience to life in a manner that makes opportunities for innovation more visible. From deep insights into the aging in place experience, the Lab will produce an “Opportunity Map” that presents a clear and prioritized list of developable opportunities that are strategically aligned to the capabilities and innovation agendas of the collaborators. Collaborators will have ongoing direct access to the Lab team to ensure that deliverables align with internal strategic objectives. 20

Partners Leverage BIF’s Actionable Platform for Market Making Solutions BIF will enable collaborators to connect around aging in place opportunities where joint development may add value. Partners are invited to pursue design opportunities (outside of the scope and budget of this proposal) in the lab in both open and closed environments, including proprietary design and development studios. BIF will leverage its communications capability and national innovation network to communicate about laboratory activities consistent with our partner’s communication objectives. 21

Lab Funding and Partner Deliverables Collaboration partners each contribute $100,000 annually and make a three- year commitment to ensure continuity of the work. Tailored annual objectives will be co-developed with each partner. Deliverables: 1.  Priority access to qualitative research on the aging in place experience and full access to the Lab design team. 2.  Customized interim reports that reveal ongoing insights and outcomes from Lab Activity. 3.  Customized annual report that includes portfolio of primary research findings, organized as video vignettes, animations, photos, and narratives that illuminate the aging in place experience. 4.  Prioritized map of development opportunities aligned to Partner’s R&D strategies and objectives. 5.  Opportunity to conduct proprietary design studios in the Elder Experience Lab. 22

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