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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: Francisco


¡Bienvenidos a la Clase!:  ¡Bienvenidos a la Clase! Grading Conduct Classroom Procedures Classroom Rules Grading:  Grading Your grade will reflect your demonstration of proficiency in Spanish and your desire to learn. Attitude, diligence, dedication, and ganas (a desire to achieve) will be the prime contributors of an excellent grade. Grading:  Grading TESTS: About every three weeks Announced well in advance Test average will count 40 percent of your grade. Grading:  Grading CLASS PARTICIPATION: Based on your ability to stay on task Will count 30 percent of your grade Grading:  Grading QUIZZES: May be of traditional format May be essay or other non-traditional format May be assigned overnight Grading:  Grading QUIZZES: Usually at the beginning of class Usually over information from last class Quiz average will count 30 percent of grade Grading:  Grading INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE: * Students are encouraged to practice as needed to maintain proficiency and to be prepared for class. Conduct Grading:  Conduct Grading Most students get an “S”.   Infraction will result in the student's name being placed in book.   Conduct Grading:  Conduct Grading Name in book (per 4/5 weeks): one time – warning two times – write off three times – double write off four times – office Conduct Grading:  Conduct Grading Major disruptions will require the student to go to the office immediately. Conduct Grading:  Conduct Grading If your conduct requires you to leave the room, your grade will be adjusted in response to the offence (usually a “U”). Conduct Grading:  Conduct Grading 1-3 minor infractions in 9 week — S 4-5 minor infractions in 9 week — N >5 minor infractions in 9 week — U Conduct Grading:  Conduct Grading *Cheating (first offense) will automatically result in a conduct grade of a “U" and a zero (0) on the graded instrument. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures Beginning the period: 1. Be in your seat when the bell rings. Check the desk! 2. Socializing ends when the bell rings. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures 3. Have readily available: A. Spanish book B. Sharpened pencil C. An eraser D. Note paper (no spirobits) Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures Be sure aisles are clear. Prepare for 1st item on the objectives. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures The classroom is provided to us as a place to learn. Respect each other's right to do so. Obey the rules. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures Tests/Quizzes: 1. Be sure you have all required material on your desk before the test/quiz begins. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures 2. Any form of cheating or assisting in cheating will result in a grade of zero (0) on the assignment and a “U” in conduct. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures 3. You are responsible for the security of the information on your test/quiz until it is handed in. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures Ending the period: 1. Approximately one minute before the end of the period, I will advise you to prepare to leave. At that time: Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures A. Pack up & place things on or next to your desk. B. Pickup any litter around your area. C. When finished with A & B, sit quietly. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures 2. I will dismiss you when the bell rings, IF you have accomplished the above. Classroom Procedures :  Classroom Procedures 3. When dismissed, leave the room quietly via the trash basket if necessary (this is the only time allotted for getting rid of potential litter). Classroom Rules :  Classroom Rules Be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings. No feet on tray of desk. No chewing (gum, paper, fingernails, plastic, cheek, retainer, etc.) Classroom Rules :  Classroom Rules Raise your hand to be recognized. Be polite to everyone in the room. Slide27:  The finest words in the world are only vain sounds, if you cannot comprehend them.   – Anatolia France

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