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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: PaulFoley8



This is the presentation that I made on the 18th of Feb at Brits in Business in Geneva. It relates to increasing your web sites traffic, ranking in the search engines and touches on building your mailing list. The target audience for this presentation are small business owners.

Finding You Increasing Your Online Presence For free Brits in Business 2014

Agenda 1. What are we trying to achieve 2. What are Links 3. Getting Links 4. Specific Usage Instructions 5. What are Keywords and Where are They? 6. Extending the Model 7. Questions

What Are We Trying to Achieve? 1. Increase the Amount of links to your web site 2. Increase your perceived expert status 3. Gain extra traffic to your web site 4. Build your mailing list

What Are We NOT Trying to Achieve? 1. We are not trying to make people ‘like’ you 2. We’re not trying to build a social media following 3. We’re not trying to win any media awards

What Are Links When we look at Google each link is a website, but some are more popular than others – why is this? Links: in bound, out bound and reciprocal

Your Objective Your web site needs more inbound links than outbound links – this ensures that the search engines think you’re a reference site So how are you going to achieve this?

Getting Links Sources of Links: a. Forums – relating to you niche b. Articles c. Blog Comments d. Videos

Using Link Sources Sources of Links: a. Forums Search Google for ‘your niche’ forum Make a list of sites Signup and create your profile Post a ‘hello’ message b. Articles Go to Signup for your free membership Complete your bio

Using Link Sources Cont. Sources of Links: c. Blog Comments Go to Google Search for ‘your niche’ wordpress Make a list d. Videos Download PowerPoint Download Camtasia Studio (free trial) Make a short presentation

Why Are You Doing This? Sources of Links: a. Forums – relating to you niche a. b. Expert status Small amounts of content with link b. Articles a. b. Expert status Syndicated content with link c. Blog Comments a. Small amounts of content with link d. Videos a. Unique, syndicated content with link

Specific Instructions - Forums Sources of Links: Forums Objective: Drive targeted traffic Gain inbound links Build mailing list Effort Required Introduce yourself Find other peoples questions and provide helpful information DO NOT POST USELESS CONTENT – each post you make in a separate inbound link. Remember, content can live forever.

Specific Instructions - Articles Sources of Links: Article Sites (eZinearticles) Objective: Drive targeted traffic Gain inbound links Syndicate your content Effort Required Write articles, typically 450-600 words long Other site owners pick up content from ezine and post it on their web site (it’s free, quality content). The only condition is that your link must stay in the article – so every time someone uses your content you get a link in.

Specific Instructions - Blogs Sources of Links: Objective: Gain inbound links Effort Required Write comments on other peoples blogs – can be complete junk A blog owner will have a blog targeted to a specific subject, look at the bottom of the page and see if comments are allowed – if they are post any junk that you like. Your target is to get a link back to your site, be sure to use keywords that are important to your site.

Specific Instructions - Video Sources of Links: Objective: Gain inbound links Syndicate your content Effort Required Create a power point presentation showing your product/service Download some free royalty music record your power point using the camtasia ‘button’ post on YouTube This might appear to be over kill BUT your competitors probably aren’t doing it and it will cost you nothing to do. Even if no-one syndicates your content an incoming link from one of the google services is worth gold

Keywords – What Are They? A keyword is a word/phrase that you want your site to be associated with. Where can you find keywords? Go to Google Search for Google Keyword Planner – you will need a gmail account Why would you use this tool? This tool will show you if it’s worth targeting the keywords that you’re thinking off or if there are alternatives. Competitors? Go to their website, right click, view source – now look at the Title, keyword and description text.

I WANT MORE! You’ve now done a little work, maybe even worked up a mental sweat – how can you leverage more of a result from this effort? Re-use the power point presentation from your video: Print to PDF and store in google docs (make sure you have a couple links to your site in the doc Save the power point to, again put some links in there Do you have about $20? Go to and do the following: find someone who will post your article to n article sites find someone who will post your video to n video sites find someone who will blog post for you to n blogs Each job (or gig) should cost you about $5 – so do one of them twice Auto Responder If you haven’t already got an auto responder get one and then put an email signup box on every single page of your site. I recommend AWEBER.

Things Not To Do. We’ve looked at what you should be doing – how about the things that you shouldn’t? Sand Boxing If your web site goes from dormant to the most interesting site on the internet within a couple of days/weeks Google will probably sandbox you – don’t pay for massive amounts of incoming links all in one go (blogs, articles,..) Video Views Like inbound links suddenly having massive amounts of views of a boring power point video will ring alarm bells, don’t buy massive amounts of video views all for immediate delivery.

Questions? I’ve covered a number of ideas here that might be new to you or not make sense. Would you like me to clarify anything? Is there anything that you would like to know more about? If you’re in Geneva and you are interested in knowing more about the Brits in Business group please have a look at the Brits in Business website

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