Bhimashankar - a blend of spirituality and nature

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Information about Bhimashankar - a blend of spirituality and nature

Published on December 14, 2017

Author: maheshjain121


slide 1: Bhimashankar  A BLEND OF SPIRITUALITY AND NATURE Presented by Nath Krupa Travels Pune CAR RENTAL PUNE slide 2: There are 12 sacred temples of Lord Shiva in India and here the most famous one is called as Bhimashankar temple  which has Jyothirlinga can be reached by our  IMPORTANCE OF BHIMASHANKAR HISTORY OF BHIMASHANKAR LOCATION  Pune to Bhimashankar cab taxi service slide 3: The name Bhimashankar has been adopted from the name of river Bhima which starts from here and lord Shiva temple over here carved its name as Bhimashankar. slide 4: THIS TEMPLE WAS CONSTRUCTED IN THE YEAR 1300. MOST OF THE CURRENT TEMPLES ARE REDEVELOPED BY PESHWAS DURING THE 18TH CENTURY. slide 5: You can hear lots of stories related to this place and one of the version goes like this that Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripura over here. slide 6: This article is originally appeared on Nath Krupa Travels Pune 9623798119

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