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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: bhaskarchanda


Dallas  Buyers  Club  (2013)   Reviewed  by  Bhaskar  Chanda     Directed  by  Jean-­‐Marc  Vallée,  screenplay  by  Craig  Borten  and  Melisa  Wallack,  starring   Matthew  McConaughey,  Jennifer  Garner,  Jared  Leto,  Griffin  Dunne,  Steve  Zahn,  and   Dennis  O’Hare.     One  of  the  strongest  contenders  in  this   year’s  Oscar  race  is  Jean-­‐Marc  Vallée’s   latest  masterpiece.  Loosely  adapted  from   the  real  life  story  of  Ron  Woodroof,  the  film   tells  the  story  of  a  promiscuous  drug  addict   and  homophobe  who  contracts  full  blown   HIV/AIDS  in  in  the  mid  1980s.  All  but  killed   by  AZT,  the  only  FDA-­‐approved  AIDS   medication  on  the  market,  Woodroof  starts   smuggling  non-­‐toxic  alternatives  which   have  yet  to  be  approved  in  the  states,  and   eventually  sells  them  to  other  patients  for   profit.  The  picture  is  one  part  complex   character  study  and  one  part  chilling   indictment  of  the  FDA  and  the   pharmaceutical  industry.  McConaughey   plays  Woodroof  with  captivating  detail  and   overflowing  intensity,  having  lost  47  lbs  for   the  role.  Jared  Leto  is  also  pitch  perfect  as   Rayon,  a  transgender  patient  who   eventually  warms  his  way  into  Woodroof’s   heart.  While  the  film  will  most  certainly  be   passed  over  for  the  Best  Picture  Award  (Twelve  Years  A  Slave  is  viewed  as  more   important  and  Gravity  as  more  technically  impressive)  but  it  nevertheless  is  a   captivating  and  gut-­‐wrenching  film  which  sends  a  vital  message  to  American  and   international  audiences,  and  it  will  probably  pick  up  at  least  an  acting  award  or   two–and  will  definitely  deserve  it.  5/5  stars.     Bhaskar  Chanda  was  born  and  raised  in  eastern  India  in  the  city  of  Kolkata.  After   completing  his  engineering  studies  from  the  Indian  Institute  of  Technology,  Bhaskar   moved  to  Canada,  where  he  received  a  Masters  in  Medical  Science  from  the  University   of  Alberta,  as  well  as  a  PhD  in  Medical  Biophysics  from  the  University  of  Toronto.  While   currently  an  employee  at  the  University  Health  Network  (UHN),  Mr.  Chanda  has  a   number  of  other  interests  and  hobbies  which  occupy  his  free  time.  

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