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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: M_elissa


Online VoD entered the market and has rapidly increased in popularity. The Television VoD is also still increasing, showing that more people are consuming films even if it is in different ways. The graph shows that nearly an equal amount of people are watching VoD on television and online.

People with disabilities are under-represented in film market figures. Disabled people are not able to go to all cinemas as some do not have the features, such as disabled access, seats, sound, subtitles etc.

These graphs show the age group that go to the cinema. It shows that the age 15-24 is the age range that go to the cinema the most. 35-44 is the age range that go to the cinema the least. This graph shows the most popular films for people aged 7-14.

These pages show tables of films that were most popular with the different age ranges. American Pie was popular with both the 15-24 and 25-34 age groups. Most of these films in both the age range tables show that action films are popular, as well as comedy and thriller. As the age ranges go up, the film genres change, and it appears that these people are more interested in dramas and romantic comedies, but there is still some action films involved.

These graphs show the different ethnicity groups that consume films in different ways. The percentage of white people is much higher that other ethnic groups, and this could mean that films are not being made that appeal to that type of ethnic group, or it could show that the majority of the nation is made up of a certain ethnicity group. The graph also shows that more Black, Asian, Chinese, mixed and other tend to go to the cinema and rent films than buy them.

The graphs show the films that were most popular in different places of the country. All the films vary depending on the place they are being shown. These could vary due to the difference between the amount of people in a certain age group living in each place. It could also be due to where they are produced, and how much they are advertised in certain places. Ted was popular with the North West and Yorkshire, which are very far away from each, appeared to be popular in both places.

These graphs show what films both genders saw in 2012. More females went to see films that involved action and romance. Whereas, more males went to see thriller based action films.

These graphs shows the socioeconomic groupings based on income and job position for the audiences of different films. People classed in the AB group enjoy dramas and comedies. The films have a niche audience, some are based on book adaptations and feature a lot of heritage in the narrative. The C1 enjoy more action based films with some comedy. The C2 group also enjoy action and thriller films along with comedies. They use immature and crude humour. The DE audience enjoy the sequels of films they may have already seen as well as some new films. These are also action films as well as comedy and animation.

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