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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Silverpop


• Strategies for increasing engagement in the challenging inboxes of today and tomorrows of today and tomorrow Beyond Gmail Tabs: Loren McDonald, Silverpop

Gmail Tabs: Zombie Apocalypse? Or …

… Big Yawn?

Active Gmail users read more Gmail Engagement Level Read Rate Before Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox Read Rate After Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox High 58.6% 60% (+2.11%) Medium 10.6% 10% (-7%) Low 2.2% 0.4% (-81%) Source: ReturnPath research

7 But let’s move on … this session is “Beyond Gmail Tabs…”

Only 1 of many challenges!!!!!

Today’s Menu Inbox Challenges Subscriber- Focused Antidote Q & A

Trends Affecting the “inbox” Onboarding – Start them off on the right foot…

Devices / Screens Mobility / Context Mobile Apps ISP Features Channel Alternatives Cadence Distracted Consumer Trends Affecting the “Inbox”

Multiple devices used by your subscribers …

Small Medium Large Leads to “screensize-apalooza” iPhone 2.3” wide Galaxy Note II 3.2” wide Nexus 7 7.3” wide BB Bold 2.6” wide iPad Mini 5.3” wide Excite 13 8.5” wide Source: Justin Jordan, Litmus

Mobile is more than just design – “context”

Mobile apps for email add to the craziness

ISP/Web client controls

Growing channel alternatives

Nov 18 1 week before Thanksgiving Day Jan 2 Dec 25 51 emails 37 emails T-Day To XMAS Increased sending cadence from competitors

Increasingly distracted / multi-tasking consumers

But don’t freak out about what you don’t control

… rather, focus on what you DO control!

22 And creating more compelling customer-focused emails …

So, how do you break through to subscribers?

Onboard Subscribers Create A Great User Experience Surprise & Delight Subscribers Increase Relevance for Each Subscriber Four Approaches

Onboarding: Start subscribers off on the right foot Onboarding – Start them off on the right foot…

Tell subscribers what they are going to get … and then deliver on your promise.

Ask for More Information

Welcome Progression – But still generic … Immediate 3-7 days 7-14 days Immediate Stand alone Email # 1 Email # 2 Email # 3 3-part series

Cruise Site Caribbean Mexico Alaska Email Sign- Up Welcome Email 1 Welcome Email 2 Mexico Offer Welcome Email 3 Hawaii BrowseGeneric Content Ooops

Email Sign- Up Welcome Email 1 Welcome Email 2 Welcome Email 3 Welcome Email 4 Or you try to convert them on Alaska Cruise Alaska offer – w/deadline Includes current Alaska cruise offer Includes survey/progressive form Includes current Alaska cruise video / Testimonials Using Web Tracking – marry browse behavior to email address

User Experience Surprise and Delight

This Not This Don’t make it hard for subscribers

Shipping Options – Return Policy – Gift Cards – 1-888-555.1212 Adding obvious navigation links during holiday season

Calculate everything for the consumer Don’t make them think …

Answer obvious questions IN the email

Pre-Headers – Use Them to Your Advantage

Pre-header text continues from the subject line question.

Do you have the touch? 39 Old mouse New mouse

Clean, simple HTML buttons

Responsive Design

Surprise and Delight Surprise and Delight

43 Add some “white space”

51 emails 46 days But what are you going to do for me?

Pumpkin content “treat”

Pick Your Fit: Jeans for Every Guy

47 Get creative, use personality and humor

Get creative, use personality and humor

Relevance – Leverage Behavior Surprise and Delight

The Decisive Moment "To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

To know a person … watch what they do, not what they say. Danny Santagato

Subject Line Personalization First name personalization Personalized Content Name and contact info for each customer’s personal rep Dynamic Subject Lines The subject line changes based on the type and duration of club membership Individualized Content Lists For any customer who has purchased two or more items in the last 90 days, list each purchase with review links E-commerce-driven Personalization Display totals and other engaging content to drive follow-on purchases Website-driven Content Directly track each customer’s Web activity and prompt them to visit new areas of the site Send Time Optimization The message arrives in each individual’s inbox at precisely the time that individual is most likely to check email Data-driven Dynamic Image Image is selected based on demographic and profile info Score-driven Dynamic Offer Discounts/prices vary by social influence and time since last purchase Truly Individualized Email Messaging 1 3 4 5 6 2 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Birthday Email 2.0

Browse behavior-based retargeting

Visitor is Put Into a Simple Program

“For Him” Browse Retargeting Email 2.2% conv. rate vs 1.6% for Broadcast emails

Likely to Churn Behavior Triggers Content/Contact Subscriber Activated their System Annual Churn ~13% Power User Arms their home security system regularly Annual Churn ~8% Notification User Receives text/email messages for alerts in their home Annual Churn ~5% Super User Uses interactive services regularly Annual Churn ~1%

Summary Start subscribers off right Make it easy to do what customers want Wow subscribers with awesome content Leverage behavior to drive individual relevance

A unified, behavioral-driven platform that lets marketers incorporate every imaginable customer touch point, regardless of system or vendor, into a single view that drives individualized, real-time content through the most appropriate channel.

Silverpop is the digital marketing platform that delivers superior overall return on relationship powered by the deepest insight into the way customers behave.

Interested In Learning More?

Questions / Thank You Presenter 1 Title Company Presenter 2 Title Company Loren McDonald – Twitter: @LorenMcDonald – G+: +Loren McDonald – Pinterest: intevation Twitter: @Silverpop

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