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Published on February 20, 2014

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Have you downloaded and printed a copy of your handouts (Sent in yesterday’s reminder update.)  Please sign in with:  ◦ Your Agency Name and the number of people watching/attending the webinar from your agency today ◦ What is the name of the person who will be inputting answers into the webinar application

Creating a Culture of Customer Care YOU Your Customers Presented by Jodi Rudick ADvisors Marketing Group 760.809.3231 Desktop Education for Parks and Recreation

Raise your hand here… This is the Feedback Box This is the chatbox… Type here, hit enter to send

What does customer loyalty mean to you? Are you loyal to any brands? Do you have customers that are loyal to you? List some of the brands, stores, companies, products, etc. that you and the people in your group are loyal to.

 You consider yourself loyal to a particular brand, store, business, organization.

In your chat box… List brands/stores/companies you are loyal to…

  Lifecycle vs. Generational Marketing ◦ Life stages impacts buying behavior ◦ Generational frame of reference impacts buying behavior. Generational Marketing Defined ◦ method of marketing to a specific generation is affecting the way that we promote and sell products and services. We are all a product of our generation. • •  Each generation has its own ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦   Characteristics Frame of Reference Belief Systems Language Popular Cultural References Experiences Social Values Concerns, Fears Powerful Consumer Influence Successful Marketers ◦ Customize marketing plan for each generation ◦ Develop brands to fit diverse needs ◦ Create messages that “speaks their language” and resonates with target market

M a r it a l St at u s Ge n e r a t io n Id e n t if ic at io n R e ac Se x u a l O r ie n t a t io n Age Pr e n t a l a St a t u s P y s ic a l h Q u alit ie s In c o m e Ed u c a t io n Bas e d o n : Lo d e n a n d R se n e r o W or k Bac k g r o u n d Et h n ic it y P lit ic s o R lig io u s e Be lie f s Ge n d e r Ge o g r a p h ic Lo c a t io n M ilit ar y Ex p e r ie n c e Primary Secondary

Generation Birth Years Male Example Female Example G.I. 1901-1924 John Kennedy Anne Frank Silent 1925-1945 Colin Powell Shirley Temple Boomer 1946-1964 Steven Spielberg Oprah Winfrey Gen-X 1965-1981 Michael Jordan Jodie Foster Millennials (Gen Y) 1982-2002? Mark Zuckerberg Miley Cirus 9/11 Generation (Gen Z) 2002 – 2020? *Can vary up to three years

 What Generations are represented by the people in your group?  What was the first concert you ever went to?

 Our “Coming of Age” is a great demographic indicator ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ When did we graduate from high school? What was your favorite band in high school? What was the first concert you ever saw? Hairstyles, Hollywood, Heroes?

Milestones (birth, graduation, marriage, divorce, retirement, etc) force new consumer behavior.  Changes in health, abilities, family dynamics drive consumer behavior     Discuss and Share in Your Chat Box… How can you “discover” these opportunities? What are some clues or cues that customers are going through lifecycle changes?

BAD Customer Service Memory Great Customer Service Memory Share in your chat box… What made the Great Customer Service Memory so Great?

The Cost to Court a Customer Hook ‘em P.R. Advertising Promotion Customer Service Customer Product Quality Sales Front-line contact ‘em Keep coming back for more Reel ‘em in

What tagline or slogan describes your facility, park, program area or agency?

7584 Congratulations! You are a CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERHERO. Your attitude is contagious. Share your enthusiasm with others. 5174 Good job! You have all the right stuff to deliver AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Consistency is the key to reaching SUPERSTARDOM. 36-50 You’re on your way. Take a deep breath and focus on the customer’s needs. Work with your supervisor to make sure you are getting the necessary support to skillfully communicate with customers. 22-35 While you may not love working with people, it is a necessary part of every job. Take small steps to improve your attitude by constructively discussing issues with supervisors and coworkers.

 Customer Service is an Inside Job ◦ What’s in it for you? ◦ Do You Make the Grade?  Attitude and Self Esteem ___  Facility/Division Esteem ___  Department Esteem ___  Customer’s Perception ___

The Customer Cry... •Notice Me •Notice Me •Don’t take me for •Don’t take me for granted granted •Price fairly •Price fairly •Fix my problems quickly •Fix my problems quickly •Don’t lie to me •Don’t lie to me •DON’T TREAT ME LIKE A •DON’T TREAT ME LIKE A NUMBER! NUMBER!

Customer YOU

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Reach out Be friendly Be timely Listen proactively Show courtesy Be professional Take pride Reinforce benefits and value 8 Concepts   What else will you commit to? What will you do differently as a result of attending this workshop? Taking Action

  Customer Contact vs. Customer Care Obsessive Customer Listening ◦ Measure retention, repeat business and referrals ◦ Talk to them ◦ Electronic input  Phone  email  web site ◦ Evaluate  Marketing Effectiveness  Benefits Delivery and Outcomes Emotional Atmosphere ◦ Five Senses      Smell Sight Touch Noise/Sound Taste ◦ Convenience ◦ Where     Interior Atmosphere Exterior Atmosphere Atmosphere to Go Virtual Atmosphere Physical Atmosphere

City of Monterey, California  February 6, 2014 

Brainstorming rules apply  Don’t stop writing till time is up  It’s okay to doodle!  Spelling and grammar do not count  Don’t edit as you go along – anything goes 

 Complete this activity using page 7-8 of your handout.  Clarify Your Product Clarify Your Objective Clarify Your Target Audience   The 5 Minute Plan

Minute 1 YOUR PRODUCT The 5 Minute Plan

Minute 2 YOUR PRICE The 5 Minute Plan

Minute 3 YOUR PLACEMENT The 5 Minute Plan

Minute YOUR 4 PROMOTION The 5 Minute Plan

Minute5 YOUR PEOPLE The 5 Minute Plan

Minute5 YOUR PEOPLE The 5 Minute Plan

Do what you do so well t hat people can’t help but say gr eat t hings about you!

 Use these templates and tools as you train current and future staff to go beyond customer service.

Blake Blamer Nellie Nagger Edgar Ego Thelma the Threatener

 H.ear E.verything  R.eiterate  O.ffer S.olutions

Better Business Practices to Boost the Bottom Line Jeff Price  Everett, Washington Parks and Recreation 

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