Beyond Compliance Reporting: Introducing VisualAAP

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Information about Beyond Compliance Reporting: Introducing VisualAAP
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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: Peoplefluent



What if you no longer had to comb through reams of workforce data to get the compliance information you need?

In this webinar from Peoplefluent, we’ll share how VisualAAP, the newest solution from our workforce compliance and diversity division, provides at-a-glance compliance analytics in a never-before-seen visual format. You’ll see a demonstration of our innovative solution that expands your compliance view in preparation for an audit. Managers across the organization are empowered to take action against:

• Affirmative Action goals
• Monitoring
• Adverse impact

Learn more about how you can improve accountability and increase effectiveness of compliance efforts with unmatched visualization.

Beyond Compliance Reporting: Introducing VisualAAP Roy Zambonino, Solutions Consultant February 25, 2014 2/25/2014 Peoplefluent Confidential 1

Walk out your door……. © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 2

Weather Map of the United States © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 3

Reality for Most Organizations © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 4

Heat Map for the Organization (OrgPublisher) Attrition hot spots © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 5

TotalView® View your organization the way you do business! Unlimited Views •Geography •Product •Function •Dotted line reporting •Matrix reporting Unlimited number of structures; designed to grow & change with your organization © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 6

Visibility and Consistency Across Organization TotalView ® Region A Upper levels of organization Location 1 Region B Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 Locations Department A Greater visibility within a specific Departments or more granular levels of the organization Work Unit 1 Work Unit 2 Department B Capability to use typical job group or an alternative job group (i.e., job band, pay grade, department, EEO category, SSEG, etc.) Up to 10 levels of reporting © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 7

TotalView® OrgPublisher © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 8

TotalView® Evolved: VisualAAP Letting you see compliance in a whole new way: Visualize goals, progress and the adverse impact of specific manager’s workforce decisions on your Affirmative Action Plan with a unique visual format featuring hierarchical chart views. Sharing actionable compliance reports: Managers can quickly and easily see their goals and any risk areas without having to decipher complex data, and charts can be securely shared across your organization. Helping you take action where risk exists: Improve audit readiness and mitigate claims risk by measuring your managers’ progress against goals and assessing the impact of promotions, terminations and hires. © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 9

VisualAAP - Goals © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 10

VisualAAP - Goals © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 11

VisualAAP - Monitoring © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 12

VisualAAP - Monitoring © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 13

VisualAAP – Adverse Impact © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 14

VisualAAP – Adverse Impact © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 15

Visual AAP - No Additional Data Required Existing data files are used Employee Data • • Point-in-time snapshot of workforce (plan date) May be one large file or multiple files No specific format or column order necessary Plan Structure 1 • History Data • • Hires, promotions, terminations and transfers Aids in identifying internal feeder pools (automatic) Accurate view of recruiting practices; simplifies assignment of internal v. external weights (automatic) Plan Structure 2 • Applicant Data • • Used to prepare Impact Ratio Analysis (IRA) for hires at each monitoring point throughout the year Not necessary to begin project but critical to IRA-hires preparation throughout plan year © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential Affirmative Action Plans Diversity and Management Plans 16

Thank You! © 2014 Peoplefluent Peoplefluent Confidential 17

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