Beyonce textual analysis

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Published on November 9, 2016

Author: 10lowean


1. Beyoncé- Hold Up Textual analysis

2. Camera; The opening to this video includes Beyoncé jumping into water. The use of a mid-shot allows the audience to see the impact it has when she jumps in, highlighting the location of where the video is set. Sound; The only sound at the beginning of the video is the sound effect of something hitting the water and air bubbles floating up, this exaggerates Beyonce falling in, making us question what is going to happen. Editing; At the beginning of the clip, there are many fast cuts, almost like a montage, with the clip where Beyonce lands in the water, I feel the fast pace exaggerates how slow the part where she is underwater, actually is. Mis-en-scene; In the introduction, the only indication we get is that its underwater and Beyonce is wearing dark clothes. This setting is almost a symbol for drowning under with pressures of the feelings she has.

3. Camera; The use of a tilted shot shows Beyonce looking almost dead, this matches the prayer like sound on screen as the prayer says things like ‘ I swallowed a sword, I levitated’ emphasising a death like state, the tilted shot shows the abnormality of this Sound; At this point of the video, Beyonce seems to be chanting a prayer, expressing how her partner mistreats her, with words that symbolise the meaning. For example, ‘I swallowed a sword’ emphasising the extent she went to, to make him happy. Editing; Throughout all of the beginning there are many fast cuts, these cuts contradict the beat as its very slow. Mis-en-scene; The low key lighting is used in order to create a mysterious atmosphere and to build up suspense.

4. Editing; Once Beyonce walks through the doors, there are many slow cuts, which contradicts the tempo of the song as it begins to pick up the beat. Camera; The long shot allows the audience to see Beyonce walking out of the doors. This could suggest she is walking out of the bad relationship with her partner and the doors are a symbol for the barrier she had. Sound; When Beyonce walks through the door, the tempo automatically picks up, becoming much happier, this juxtaposes the video at the beginning, with the slow tempo and dark features. Mis-en-scene; Beyonce goes from wearing dark clothes to bright yellow, this could suggest how happy she is to have left her partner. Additionally, once Beyonce walks through these doors, the lighting becomes much brighter, with the cars in the background, and the people around the area wearing bright clothes.

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