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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: rogerwestcreative



In this presentation, Roger West CEO, Michael Westafer, along with two of his clients, Jennie Treby from Tribridge and Erica Santo from Connectwise, share their secrets for achieving marketing success - and it doesn't include following top 10 trends lists.

Instead, these marketing experts recommend developing your brand message, creating a strategic plan and focusing on analytics.

In the presentation, several case studies are shared - including the results of a pay-per-click campaign that was repositioned and generated more than 300% ROI.

So, in this presentation it's time to get serious. While everyone else is distracted with the next big social media platform - or marketing tool - you and your marketing team can focus on driving real results with proven tactics for lead generation and conversion.

Branding and Messaging Jennie Treby Senior Marketing Manager Tribridge

It’s a Jungle out there... Be the Monkey! ü  Find Comfort in the Trees: Know Your Place and Space. ü  Use Your Tail: Be Unique and Have Fun. ü  Check Regularly for Bugs: Measure and Tweak. ü  Don’t Eat too Many Bananas: Everything in Moderation (this includes Social Media). ü  Watch for Traps: Be on the Look-out for Shiny Objects.

#1: Start-up Company – Taking the Leap

#2: From “Mom & Pop” to Major Player

#3: Before – “Microsoft Shop”

#3: After – Discover the Difference

#3: After – Power through Change

#3: After – The Finish Line…

The 10 “Cs” of Effective Brand COMMUNICATION 1.  CHARACTER: Who are you? 2.  CUSTOMER: What do they want? 3.  COMPETITION: Find out how you stack up. 4.  CONCEPT: Never underestimate the power of differentiation! 5.  CREATIVITY: Don’t be afraid to take risks. 6.  CLARITY: The water is already murky… don’t make it a mud bath. 7.  CONCISE: Get to the point – 10 to 5. 8.  CONSEQUENCES: Can you back it up? 9.  CONSISTENCY: 5,000 customers = 5,000 customers. 10.  CONTINUITY: Have a Coke and a Smile!

Be the Monkey! Jennie Treby

Driving Bottom Line Results with Marketing Analytics Erica Santo Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence

Who am I?

ConnectWise: Professional Services Automation Software •  Founded in 1982 •  Headquartered in Tampa, FL •  135 Employees •  3,300 Partners •  38,500 Users

What’s all the buzz about? •  Marketing Analytics ü  A/B split testing ü  Multivariate testing ü  Predictive modeling ü  Silos of data ü  Web Analytics ü  Customer Segmentation •  Let’s separate the buzz from reality

Marketing Analytics isn’t that scary…

What is Marketing Analytics? Campaign  Data   Reports   Business  Intelligence   Ac6onable  Informa6on  

Where does Marketing Analytics fit? Corporate Website Referral & Inbound Links Paid Search Organic Search CRM Database Lead Administration Display Advertising Business Intelligence Email Marketing Campaign Development & Messaging

Business Intelligence: A puzzle you can solve Customer   Data   ROI     Reports   Sales  Data   Web     Metrics   Campaign   Sta9s9cs   Business   Intelligence  

ROI  Report   • Ac6ve  &  Inac6ve   Campaigns   • ROI  >100%   • ROI  <100%   • Campaigns  with   No  Cost   • Campaigns  with   Nega6ve  ROI   • Summary  by  Type   • Budget  Tracking   Web  Metrics   • Traffic  &  Visitor   Sta6s6cs   • Compe6tor   Traffic   Comparison   • Top  Pages:  Visits,   Entry,  Exit  &   Bounced   • Top  Organic  &   Paid  Keywords   • Referral  Sources   • Conversion  Rates   • Bounce  &  Exit   Rates   • Inbound  Links   • Company  Visitor   Report   • Search  Rankings     Campaign   Metrics   • Campaign  Ac6vity   • Campaign  Touch   Report   • Rolling  30-­‐day   Lead  Total   • Leads  by  Channel   • Lead  Quality   • Clickthrough   Rates   • Bounce  Rates   • Conversion  Rates   • Open  Rates   • Bounce-­‐Back/ Opt-­‐out  Data   Sales  Data   • Ac6ve  Prospects   • Sales  Funnel   Metrics   • Revenue  Reports   • Number  of  New   Partners   • New  Partners  by   Type   • Sales  Execu6ve   Ac6vity   • Add-­‐on  Sales   • Win/Loss  Rates   • Average  Sales   Cycle   • Average  Time  to   Contact   Customer  Data   • Number  of   Licenses  &  Types   • Accoun6ng   Package   • MSP  Package   • Customer  Profile   • Customer   Configura6on   • Pre-­‐sales   Informa6on   • Annual  Survey   Informa6on  

The ConnectWise ROI Report •  A little over a year ago, all we had was a gut feeling •  We knew that we needed to establish ROI for all marketing initiatives ü  Which to feed and which to stop ü  Needed to prove the value of certain campaigns ü  Had the desire to test creative concepts •  Let the “data dig” begin ü  Multiple silos of data ü  It was messy & dirty ü  Needed to create a tracking system before we could begin to analyze any data ü  Knew that other organizations had similar issues

The ConnectWise ROI Report

Putting Web Analytics to Work •  You need to know: ü  How people get to your site ü  Where they go once they arrive ü  How long they stay ü  When they bounce ü  Where they exit •  Are your visitors navigating your site as intended? •  Is the navigation scent too faint? •  Number one goal: increase conversion rates

The ConnectWise Go-to Web Analytics Reports VisiStat   Google   Analy6cs   HubSpot   Crazy   Egg  

What does your funnel look like? Leads   Prospects   Opportuni9es   Discoveries   Wins   Lead   Administra6on   Quality  Score  1   Quality  Score  2   Close  Rate   ConnectWise   PSA  (CRM)  

Campaign Analytics: A Balancing Act Tes9ng   Variables   Ac9onable   Informa9on   Design   Message   Loca9on/Vehicle   Frequency  

Campaign Analytics: A Balancing Act Tes9ng   Variables   Ac9onable   Informa9on   Design   Message   Loca9on/Vehicle   Frequency   ROI  

Campaign Analytics: A Balancing Act Tes9ng   Variables   Ac9onable   Informa9on   Design   Message   Loca9on/Vehicle   Frequency   ROI   Data  Trends  

Campaign Analytics: A Balancing Act Tes9ng   Variables   Ac9onable   Informa9on   Design   Message   Loca9on/Vehicle   Frequency   ROI   Data  Trends   Campaign   Effec9veness  

Campaign Analytics: A Balancing Act Tes9ng   Variables   Ac9onable   Informa9on   ROI   Data  Trends   Campaign   Effec9veness   Customer   Segmenta9on   Design   Message   Loca9on/Vehicle   Frequency  

Campaign Analytics •  How to begin? ü  Start with known best practices ü  Adapt to fit your specific needs ü  Look at bounce rates, conversions and leads •  Don’t tackle too many things at once •  Test one variable at a time

Case Study: Help, paid search isn’t working! Situation: ü  Not sure if paid search was working for us ü  We spent money every month but unsure if we had a positive ROI What we knew: ü  Our potential customers were searching for software online ü  We have good search volume & clickthrough rates ü  Google ads were sending visitors directly to our home page ü  Our competitors were advertising Analysis: ü  Tracking: Google Analytics & Adwords ü  Results: Unknown Action Steps: ü  Developed new landing pages for each campaign ü  Began using tracking codes in addition to Google Analytics and Adwords

Let’s get tracking

Let’s get tracking Bounce  Rate:   62.3%   Clickthrough   Rate:  0.6%   ROI:   -­‐100%   Conversion   Rate:  4.3%  

New creative gives campaign a kick!

New creative gives campaign a kick! Bounce  Rate:   74.4%   Clickthrough   Rate:  0.8%   ROI:     191%   Conversion   Rate:  6.36%   Block  Rate:     62%  

Creative and enhanced search strategy raise the bar

Creative and enhanced search strategy raise the bar Clickthrough   Rate:  0.3%   Bounce  Rate:   79.4%   ROI:   104%*   Conversion   Rate:  5.8%   Block  Rate:     42%:  

Lessons Learned •  Establish your goals •  Know your customers •  Start small – crawl before you run •  Don’t forget to analyze •  Give it the “smell test” •  Leave your Marketing ego at the door

Effective Online Marketing Michael Westafer CEO – Roger West Creative & Code

The Wheel of Marketing MIS-Fortune ü  Social Goldrush ü  Shotgun Marketing ü  Follow the Leader ü  Flash Flop ü  Shiny Object Syndrome ü  Chest-Pounding Propaganda

Marketing A.D.D. Can’t be cured with quick-fix pharmaceuticals. Side Effects include… ü  Drowsiness & fatigue ü  Loss of bonus or commission ü  Lack of interest in job ü  Frequent CEO meltdowns

Good News While everyone is distracted it’s your time to: ü  Get focused ü  Create a plan ü  Capture more leads

Bad News You’re going to need to overcome some giants. ü  Limited time ü  Shrinking budgets ü  Skeleton staff

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” Steve Jobs

Branding & Identity Exercise One: ü  List Several Well Known Brands

“Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business.” Warren Buffett

What Is Your Story? Exercise Two: ü  What makes your company different?

What Is Your Story? Exercise Two: ü  What makes your company different? ü  Is this obvious to your prospects?

“Good marketers tell a story.” Seth Godin

Tell Your Story Exercise Three: ü  List different ways you can tell your story (online and offline apply)

How We See It… Marketing Tactics ü  Customer-Centered ü  Web Site Focused What is the focus for your company?

Let’s Talk Process How do we.. ü  Build an effective Web Site? ü  Attract Visitors? ü  Convert Customers? ü  Nurture and Retain? ü  Measure & Adjust? Exercise Four: Process Worksheet

“Working without a plan may seem scary. But blindly following a plan that has no relationship with reality is even scarier.“ Rework

Marketing Pitfalls Beware of: ü  Tools vs. Strategy ü  Lease vs. Buy ü  Buzz vs. Results ü  Promise vs. Reality

Thank You What’s next? 1.  Take the FREE marketing assessment: 2.  Check out the budget worksheet 3.  Schedule a meeting 4.  Join us for golf:

Any Questions? Michael Westafer

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