Between Reality And Fantasy (Tra Realtà E Fantasia)

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Information about Between Reality And Fantasy (Tra Realtà E Fantasia)

Published on September 10, 2008

Author: Migliorini



Between reality and fantasy,
paints of Silvestro Migliorini


I carry my unremarkable life across the threshold of the artist’s studio to find myself surrounded by a wraithlike Arabian-night atmosphere among shadows scarcely illuminated by red lights which seem coming from nowhere.

I am confronting a very peculiar artist: he asks me to take off my clothes and to walk freely through the room as if I were alone.

I see only his vague outline but I feel his piercing hawk eyes on me: his eyes are antennae capturing the intimate details of my deep inner essence .

I feel under his scrutiny while I recollect the words of an oriental song I used to know…

“ Burning sands, winds of desire mirrored oasis reflect a burning fire within my heart, unwatered, feeding the flame welcoming you to my harem…”

“ sing for me a song of life’s visage sing for me a tune of love’s mirage…”

“ deep desires, sleep untold whispers that echo the desert of my soul”

“ I hold your eastern promise close to my heart welcoming you to my harem…”

The artist signals for me to stop: he has found his inspiration and starts painting with rapid movements and feverish anxiety… His chest is bare and so is his soul in this unique magical moment.

He catches subtle energies across the air creating emotional chiaroscuros which remain imprisoned within the canvas.

Oils and brushes seem to move after his joyful talent. As if they had an independent life of their own they fill with vivid colors the canvas surface, which now reveals his – and my – sensations…





“ Sing for me a song of life’s visage sing for me a tune of love’s mirage…

“ Time is change time’s fool is man none will escape the passing sands of time”

“ I hold your eastern promise close to my heart welcoming you to my harem…”

Creativity, fantasy, inspiration and who knows what other driving forces guide the hand of the artist when he creates.. Lost among the colors and the canvas there may well be the latent dream that only waits to be given the kiss of life. Maybe this very moment is also a dream...

Nevertheless those brushstrokes on the canvas are a confession… ...and this eerie music that doesn’t want to leave me...

The threshold that separates the real from the unreal is often blurred and faded.

Just a step across the threshold of the door changes everything. Between reality and fantasy there’s always a door that marks the difference: we are that door.

Original oils & watercolors: Silvestro Migliorini In Italy: e- mail: International websites: Text and artwork: [email_address] English version:

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