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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: Natalya


The Better Bartender:  The Better Bartender Presented by Get-R-Done Slide2:  Paul Glass Jacob Ritchie Nick Salvino Denene Davidovich Marina Coria Chelsea Sheflin Abstract:  Abstract The Better Bartender is designed to make it easy for consumers to purchase alcoholic beverages quickly and more efficiently with a push of a button. Denene Claims:  Claims More efficient than traditional bartenders Mixes drinks to exact tolerances Cost efficient for consumers Time efficient for consumers Offers most popular drinks Denene Design:  Design Visually appealing Well lit Extremely durable Easily operated Easily programmable Marina Diagram:  Diagram Dimensions: Height 72” Width 39 ½” Depth 35” Weight 685 lbs. 110 v 19.5 amps Marina Patents:  Patents #6505095 Vending machine patent - system for providing remote audit, cashless payment, and interactive transaction capabilities, in a vending machine #6742553 Vending machine patent - cup type beverage vending machine U.S Patent Reference Numbers #1534982 April 1925, McIellan #1737784 December 1929, Cherry #3530907 September 1970, Slass #3554384 January 1971, Lancetal #4042148 August 1977, Gerben #4094345 June 1978, Deziel #4174742 November 1979, Murphy #4738290 April 1988, Ciekanski #5027869 July 1991, Tsumura Chelsea Materials:  Materials Powder coated sheet metal frame One inch thick plexiglass cover Decorative fluorescent lights Vinyl stickers Push button computer system Chilled liquid vats Polycarbonate tubing Stainless steel nozzles Computerized cup dispenser Ice machine Ice dispenser Paul Manufacturing Costs:  Manufacturing Costs Frame = $1,500 Computer system = $1,500 Decorative cover = $500 Miscellaneous = $1,000 Total Costs = $4,500 Paul Initial Costs:  Initial Costs Machine = $9,500 Condiments = $1,500 Total prototype costs = $11,000 Paul Customer Base:  Customer Base Sell to clubs and bars that are 21 and over Initial sales will be made in California which has 1,196 bars and 875 night clubs, Nevada 365 bars and 76 night clubs, and Arizona 414 bars and 114 night clubs. Nick Marketing:  Marketing Business to business sales 4 professional sales representatives Website Informational flyers Nick Profit Analysis:  Profit Analysis Jacob Break Even In Units:  Break Even In Units Jacob Second Year Forecast:  Second Year Forecast Jacob The End:  The End Thanks for your time!

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