Better Targeted Advertising Real World Examples

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Information about Better Targeted Advertising Real World Examples

Published on January 8, 2010

Author: SteveVirgin


Better targeted advertising

Better targeted advertising User data on a social media site means adverts can be accurately shown to the ‘right’ target user group

User data on a social media site means adverts can be accurately shown to the ‘right’ target user group

Better targeted advertising Digital signage is poised to become a major mass media because of its ability to reach larger audiences for less money. Digital signage also offer the unique ability to see the target audience where they are reached by the medium. Technology advances has also made it possible to control the message on digital signage with much precision, enabling the messages to be relevant to the target audience at any given time and location which in turn, gets more response from the advertising. Digital signage is being successfully employed in supermarkets. Another successful use of digital signage is in hospitality locations such as restaurants and malls.

Exclusive Micro Communities - Many micro communities are emerging with clear segmentation in mind Diamond Lounge (Nov 2007)– Founded by AryaMarafie in London. Aiming at 20.000 exclusive members in Europe and Middle East. Membership 60 US$/month Reuters Space (Oct 2007)Targeting business users subscribing to Reuters Messaging financial services. Having more than 100.000 Users (Sep 2007) An alternative to facebook for college students in the US. More then 25.000 users Behance Network (Aug 2007) Community for creative designers were they can discuss their works and get feedback from other designers. More than 3000 users Sermo (Sep 2006)Community for doctors who want to discuss different methods and diagnosis with fellow doctors around the world. More than 34.000 users Modelhotels (Sep 2006)– Community for models who can share thoughts about agencies, etc. More than 1000 users (April 2006)– Community for high managers within the telecom industry, founded by Ideadwave. More than 900 users Beautifulpeople (Aug 2005) A community for beautiful people. You have to get voted beautiful to join. More than 18.000 users Membership 27 US$/month Asmallworld (Jan 2004) Community for the rich and famous. Only certain members is allowed to recruit new members. More than 230.000 users Go one step further and do the same for a micro community based around a common interest or perhaps of high net wealth

Diamond Lounge (Nov 2007)

Reuters Space (Oct 2007) (Sep 2007)

Behance Network (Aug 2007)

Sermo (Sep 2006)

Modelhotels (Sep 2006) (April 2006)

Beautifulpeople (Aug 2005)

Asmallworld (Jan 2004)

Go one step further and do the same for a micro community based around a common interest or perhaps of high net wealth

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