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Published on October 1, 2014

Author: naparstek



A presentation by Aaron Naparstek, Providence, Rhode Island, September 19, 2014, "A Better World By Design" conference, Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design.

Better Streets -> Better Cities -> Better World Aaron Naparstek @Naparstek A Better World By Design Providence, Rhode Island September 19, 2014

Downtown San Francisco, September 2005.

They called it: Park(ing) View slide

An explosion of urban design innovation was underway "I promise to fight, with all the means at my disposal, against the harmful, ever-increasing and unacceptable hegemony of the automobile." -- Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, 2001 View slide

Paris: Le Mobilien bus rapid transit system. Local merchants hanged the mayor in effigy before deciding they loved it.

Paris: The Vélib' bike-sharing system.

Bike-sharing goes viral Washington D.C. Minneapolis London Montreal

London: Make motorists pay a fee to drive into Central London. And use the funds to improve mass transit, biking and walking.

London: Removed motor vehicles from Trafalgar Square Before: After:

London: Car-free holiday shopping day on Oxford and Regent Streets

London: Turning Exhibition Road into a "Shared Space." Before After

Seoul: Urban expressway removal Before After

Bogotá, Colombia: Bus Rapid Transit

Bogotá, Colombia Ciclovia: Car-free streets every Sunday. Essentially transforming the entire city into a park.

Copenhagen: More than forty percent of commuters travel by bicycle.

Copenhagen: Design Innovations for the Biking City bicycle-innovations

Meanwhile, back in New York City… "We like traffic, it means economic activity, it means people coming here." -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg, August 2, 2006

Eighty years of car-oriented design, planning and policy $13 billion per year in lost productivity. Source: Partnership for New York City

City streets weren't always just for cars Mulberry Street, Manhattan’s Lower East Side, circa 1900. Source: Library of Congress Photocrom Collection

Streets were once vibrant, mixed-use public spaces Today, kids often have to be driven to their play areas.

Park Avenue was once… Looking north from E. 50th Street circa 1996.

…A Park! Looking north from E. 50th Street circa 1922.

"Erosion of cities by automobiles entails so familiar a series of events that they hardly need describing. The erosion proceeds as a kind of nibbling." -- Jane Jacobs 1913 2005

Design your city for cars and traffic… …You'll get cars and traffic.

Design your city for people and places… …You'll get places filled with people. The Strøget in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sometimes a good design idea is worth a thousand policy papers.

Our first "Parking Spot Squat" in Brooklyn, 2006

2006 47 parks 13 cities 3 countries Midtown Manhattan

2007 200 parks 50 cities 9 countries Athens, Georgia

2008 600 parks 100 cities 13 countries Indianapolis, Indiana

2009 700+ parks 140 cities 21 countries Krakow, Poland

2010 800+ parks 183 cities 30 countries Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011 1,000 parks 162 cities 35 countries Ahmedabad, India

2011 Park(ing) Day World Map The on-street metered parking space is now an open platform.

Today is Park(ing) Day!

Park(ing) becomes policy in San Francisco

Parklets and Plazas Today there are more than 40 projects.

New York City launches the Pop-Up Café

Park(ing) becomes official city policy in NYC Fifty seat Pop-Up Cafe in Lower Manhattan's Financial District

Livable Streets are good for business Source: NYC DOT

San Francisco: Pavement-to-Parks to-parks

May 2007: Change comes to New York City. Janette Sadik-Khan takes over NYC DOT.

Parking lot to plaza Before After Pearl Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn

Livable Streets provide substantial bang-for-the-buck. Source: NYC DOT

Dangerous intersection transformed into a public plaza. Ninth Avenue at 14th Street, Manhattan.

Dangerous intersection transformed into a public plaza. Ninth Avenue at 14th Street, Manhattan.

Highway-like avenues transformed into "complete streets." Before After Ninth Avenue, Manhattan redesign: Reduced injuries to all users by 56%

Herald Square, Broadway and 34th Street. Before

Herald Square, Broadway and 34th Street. After

Projects that had been "impossible" for 40 years… Broadway at Times Square, Before

… started happening Broadway at Times Square, After

Car-Free Broadway at Times Square Before

Car-Free Broadway at Times Square After

After the Times Square redesign: Largest increase in ground-floor retail rents in NYC in 2010 21% Increase in ground-floor retail rents in Times Square 4% Citywide average Source: Crain's New York

Summer Streets Giving New Yorkers a taste of more humane streets.

Summer Streets Dumpster swimming pool in front of Grand Central Terminal

A street can be… a yoga studio? Midtown Manhattan street scene, 2012

Livable Streets are also happening in outer borough neighborhoods Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn. "Williamsburg Walks."

Street space reallocated to more efficient modes of transportation Dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare collection, signal priority

New transit-oriented streets are also improving retail sales. Source: NYC DOT

Building a citywide bike network. Protected bike path on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.

Building a citywide bike network. Protected bike path on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.

Streets with bike lanes are safer, better for business. Source: NYC DOT

Putting it all together: Complete Streets First Avenue and E. 6th Street, Manhattan.

New York City: Streets Metamorphosis

New street designs are creating a boom in bicycling. A 4x increase in bike commuting since 2000

Biking is becoming much more mainstream Increasingly viewed as "real" transportation.

Biking is increasingly seen as fashionable, cool, sexy, liberating.

All the cool kids are doing it Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively Tom Brady, Giselle (and kids) Lebron James Beyoncé

"I'm 90-years-old and I ride this thing around everywhere." Streets should be safe and comfortable for people ages 8 to 80.

Families are ditching the minivan. "My sons would rather go on a bike than any other form of transportation.” -- Liev Schreiber Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts and their Workcycles Fr8 in NYC

It's not just a New York City phenomenon. Streetsblog Network ≈ 450 blogs High-frequency local blogs ≈ 125 Monthly unique visitors > 390,804 Monthly pageviews > 1,375,909

Indianapolis: Bike Lanes and Bioswales

"Tactical Urbanism" is a powerful tool for design innovation

But will I get arrested? Guerilla Wayfinding in Raleigh, North Carolina

Dallas, Texas: Build a Better Block Before After

Dallas: Build a Better Block four-years-transforming-communites

The old model… Robert Moses New York City's 20th century master planner

The old model… IBM Mainframe: Today you have this much computing power in your pocket.

A new model for urban design: Lean. Agile. The "Lean Startup" Feedback Loop

Cities are the original social media.

Better Streets -> Better Cities -> Better World Aaron Naparstek @Naparstek A Better World By Design Providence, Rhode Island September 19, 2014

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