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Published on November 15, 2007

Author: Gabrielle


Welcome to Our Elevator Speech:  Welcome to Our Elevator Speech BetterDogFood (.COM!!) A Hot Internet Startup Experienced Management Original Idea Ability To Execute (The Idea, Not the Dog) At BetterDogFood (.COM!!) We GIVE you the dog and then SELL you the dog food. The Basic Idea:  The Basic Idea The Idea: We give you the dog and then sell you the dog food! Our Value Proposition: Everybody Likes Dogs Our Unfair Competitive Advantage: We Thought of the Idea First! Our Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Everybody Likes Dogs Everybody Else Likes Cats The Company:  The Company Proven Ability To Execute Founded Two Months Ago Experienced Management Team With Unrivaled Commitment All Employees Have Stock Options All Employees Own Dogs .COM Experts! Our Team Members Have Worked In 30 Startups Over the Last TWO YEARS! The Market:  The Market The Centers for Disease Control estimates that dogs bite more than 4.7 million people a year in the U.S., with more than 800,000 attacks serious enough to warrant medical care and more than half involving children. This Proves the Market WANTS a BetterDog! Our Dogs Carry Bite Insurance: We Address the Market Need! In 1996 there were approximately 52.9 million dogs and 59.1 million cats living in households in the United States. Since People Like Dogs Better, We Will Attack This 6.2 Million Dog Market Gap! The Product Cycle:  The Product Cycle People Want Dogs We Go For the Kids: “Hey Kids? Want a Dog? We Ship The Dog A State-of-the-Art Logistical Center Dogs Are Shipped Hungry: They WANT food! We Sell The Dog Food The Sweet Spot! Dog Food Has a 39% Gross Margin! We IPO! Market Expansion:  Market Expansion Dogs Are Just the Beginning! We’ve Developed a General-Purpose Paradigm Dogs Test The Paradigm Amazon Started With Books, We Start With Dogs Market Expansion Cats Birds “Save the Owl” Campaign Seeds Market Unlimited Potential! No Technical Limitations Ability To Scale! Developer Relations:  Developer Relations Internet-Savvy Community Relations www.DoggieBlog.Com: Award-Winning Daily Diary (“Blog”) by a Dog We Pioneered the Blogs for Dogs Concept www.DoggieRing.Com: We Coalesce the Marketplace by Linking Internet Content Developers Into Our “Web Ring.” Edog! Partner With Love It! Hate It! Investors:  Investors Pioneering Investor Relations Program “You give us your dog and we give you stock!” Loyal Investor Base Supply of Dogs! Company Has Raised 3 Rounds Name-Brand Investors! Ready To Go Public! Albanian SEC S-1 Filed Road Show Scheduled Summary:  Summary Run With the Pack! BetterDogFood Is a Better .Com! A Clever Idea A Commitment to Quality Cute Dogs Unrivaled Market Opportunity Everybody Likes Dogs All Dogs Eat Dog Food BetterDogFood (.Com!): We give you the dog and then sell you the dog food.

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