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Published on June 15, 2012

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Content Marketing track keynote presentation at BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York 2012 by Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing.

Optimize and Socialize for Better Content Marketing Results.

Optimize & Socialize for Better Content Marketing Results @LeeOdden @toprank

Why Should We Care About Content Marketing?@leeodden @toprank

Content Powers Search comScore 2012 Google: 12 Billion Searches Per Mo Fleishmann Hillard 2012 Digital Index 89% Led to Purchase by Search Engines@leeodden @toprank

Content Drives Social Sharing AOL Nielsen May 2011 73% of industry related Tweets link to content AOL Nielsen May 2011 64% of industry related blog posts link to content @toprank@leeodden

Content Attracts & Engages Newsletter Social Ads PPC Reviews Community Forum Social Networks Email Blog Website Blog Online Ads Media awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Direct Mail Email Store FAQ Word of Mouth Promotions Knowledge BaseP EcommerceR Radio TV Print Across the Customer Lifecycle @toprank@leeodden

Content Info-tains Marketo User Summit 2012@leeodden @toprank

Content Inspires@leeodden @toprank

Inspires… Action@leeodden @toprank

Inspires… Social Sharing@leeodden @toprank

Inspires… Referrals Hey Steve, 38% of Web Users I’d like to introduce you to Shelly at have recommended Brand XYZ. She’s an expert on 5-9 Brands Widget Wrangling and writes a very Useful blog about it. I think she would be perfect for your situation. 100% recommend Your Customer, at least one brand Sandy Zuberance / eMarketer 2012@leeodden @toprank

@leeodden Inspires… Sales! @toprank

Content Is Powerful Content Equalizes@leeodden @toprank

Website Newsroom Book Google+ White Papers Twitter Articles Facebook Guides YouTube Webinars Flickr Guest Posts Blog LinkedIn Events Slideshare Press Releases@leeodden @toprank

What’s Your Content Strategy? Do You Publish & Pray?@leeodden @toprank

Feel Overwhelmed? Optimize Content Social Content@leeodden @toprank

Why Leave It To Chance?@leeodden @toprank

Content Marketing Isn’t About You Buy our stuff! Me. Me me. Oh, Based on your We have and me. It’s all feedback, we’re great stuff! about me posting tips and how Buy it now! to’s on our most popular products. So many of you are looking for Widget Wranglers, we’ve created a new weekly column.@leeodden @toprank

Content Marketing Trilogy Shift Consume Engage Discover@leeodden @toprank

Make A Content Marketing Plan What Who are What do Make it stories will you writing they care easy to find connect for? about? & share you? Preferences Search & Editorial Social & SEO Pain Points Social Data Calendar, Networking, Behaviors Sources Repurpose PR, Linking awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy@leeodden @toprank

Optimize & Socialize: 5 Steps to Business Blogging Success@leeodden @toprank

1 Customer. Problem. Solution. Who are your readers? What are their goals? Which problems can be Carrie Stan Maria solved with content? “A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”@leeodden @toprank

1 Customer. Problem. Solution.What are YOUR goals?What makes YOU different?How will you solve customerproblems with content? Blogger Social “To stand out, your blog should stand for something: unique & specific.”@leeodden @toprank

2 What To Write About? Sweet You Spot! Readers@leeodden @toprank

Optimized & Socialized Content Plan awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Align Customer Needs With Content Buying Keywords Social Topics Content Type Cycle Time Saving Housekeeping, Blog post, articles in Awareness housekeeping tips Naptime Cleaning relevant magazines robot cleaners, What types of automated Interest automatic Demonstration video cleaners are there? cleaning Maria Product feature/benefit robot cleaner What are the best robot Consideration list. Comparison to reviews cleaners? competitors Customer Pain Points Purchase robot , Zrobot how to buy, Where can I buy a Zrobot? Store locator, geo-specific• No time to clean Zrobot prices store pages, FB fan pages• 5 small children who spill and make Zrobot cleaning How to get more uses from Blog posts, guest posts, messes Retention tips your Zrobot video• Light colored carpet• Cannot afford a weekly maid Zrobot fans, Zrobot mom user group Q Facebook Fan page, Advocacy Zrobot and A, tips Forum, Zrobot Newsletter accessories@leeodden @toprank

30 Content Marketing Tactics • Article Marketing • News Release • Advertorial • Online Magazines & Apps • Blogging • Podcasts • Case Studies • Print Magazines • Print Newsletters • Crowdsource • Real-World Events • Curate • Research & Surveys • Digital Newsletters • Social Content • eBooks • Teleclass & Telecasts • Email • Traditional Media • Interactive Games • Videos • Images & Infographics • Virtual Conferences • Interactive Tools • Webinars • Microsites • Wikis • Mobile Applications • White Papers • Mobile Content Blog Post: @toprank@leeodden

3 Facts Tell, Stories Sell Essential questions for each content object: What’s the story? How will it persuade? How does it connect with your past stories?@leeodden @toprank

Connected Content Topical Blog Post Infographic Video Report Theme Blog Post Infographic Video Report Blog Post Infographic Video Report Blog Post Infographic Video Report Blog Post Infographic Video Report Weave Themes Into Stories@leeodden @toprank

Connected Content Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Keyword 4 Keyword A Blog Post Infographic Video Report Keyword B Blog Post Infographic Video Report Keyword C Blog Post Infographic Video Report Keyword D Blog Post Infographic Video Report Keyword E Blog Post Infographic Video Report Create a Keyword Matrix@leeodden @toprank

Hub & Spoke Publishing@leeodden @toprank

4 Grow Social Networks Topic B Topic C Hub Topic A Topic D Topic E@leeodden @toprank

Listen, Create, Engage My interests are… Reactive - Proactive@leeodden @toprank

5 ABO – Always Be Optimizing Set goals Repeat Make a Plan Refine Implement Measure Results@leeodden @toprank

Master SEO Basics Your Ideas Tech SEO Audit Topical Focus Your Biz Keyword Glossary Category Search Words Keywords Social Topics Keywords Keywords Category Blogs Keywords Social Topics Keywords Keywords Keywords Analytics Monitoring Conversions@leeodden @toprank

Search & Social KPIs • Fans • Friends • Followers • Comments • Likes • Google Plusses • Links • SERPs • Search Traffic@leeodden @toprank

Business Outcomes • Shorter Sales Cycles • Increased Order Quantity • More Referrals • Lower Marketing Costs • Grow Revenue • Improve Profits • Retention • Share of Voice • Improve Service@leeodden @toprank

It All Sounds Good, But… Can I Really Do This?@leeodden @toprank

Yes You Can You Can Do Anything@leeodden @toprank

With the Right Plan@leeodden @toprank

Planning - WHY Take a Holistic view of Search, Social & Content Where does an integrated approach fit? Research, Audit & Listen Set Goals, Create a Roadmap@leeodden @toprank

Implementation - HOW - Personas - Keyword Research - Content Plan - Creation & Curation - Content Optimization - Social Networking - Promotion & Links - Measurement@leeodden @toprank

Scale - WHO Make integrated search, social & content part of a process Identify training opportunities for knowledge transfer@leeodden @toprank

Optimize Is A State of Mind@leeodden @toprank

Got Optimize? @toprank

Thank You! @LeeOdden @toprank

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