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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Davide


hitting the target >>> mobile marketing: hitting the target >>> mobile marketing Business World Best Practices Forum June 26, 2007 by jojit alcazar wolfpac mobile Slide 2: “in its early days, mobile marketing was pigeonholed as a niche strategy at its best. NO MORE. today’s marketers are looking at mobile to really deliver” - julie liesse, mobile marketing association Who is Wolfpac?: FIRST in the market. Mobile Solutions provider since 1999. Content Provision and Aggregation Application Development Mobile Marketing & Advertising Platform Management CP Aggregation B2B / B2C Mobile Solutions BIGGEST in the market. Powered & owned by the country’s strongest network, it’s sure to get any mobile phone owner’s pulse racing. BEST in the market. Award winning. 2002 World GSM Association Awards: Best Wireless Applications Developer 2003 World GSM Association Awards: Best Corporate Wireless Application 2005 Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards: Most Outstanding MVAS Provider Who is Wolfpac? Lost without your MOBILE?: Lost without your MOBILE? In less than a decade, mobile phones have gone from being expensive, high tech gadgets to become a household commodity owned by more than one billion people around the world. 3 main reasons for phenomenal growth?: 3 main reasons for phenomenal growth? “cellphones are more precious than wedding rings, wallet or credit cards” -- nokia study <pdi 6.26.07> what is mobile marketing?: what is mobile marketing? the use of wireless media <primarily mobile phones & pda> as an integrated content delivery and direct response vehicle wihtin a cross media marketing program source: mobile marketing association the mobile marketing campaign: the mobile marketing campaign One to One Direct Response Mobility: ANYWHERE \ EVERYWHERE \ ANYTIME Interactive Profiling Narrowcasting Community Building factors in developing a mobile campaign: factors in developing a mobile campaign addressable audience how many consumers can support the technology to be used for the campaign? is this an acceptable base? case studies what other brands have used mobile marketing to reach their audience? what are the best practices? variables what are the technical and creative limiations? will the campaign have to be customized to meet the objectives? partners & enablers which agencies / mobile providers will you need to work with to execute the campaign? timing how much time is needed to create the campaign? does it fit the brand objectives? measurement what determines success of the campaign? database generation? incremental sales? source: mobile marketing association understanding mobile marketing media integration \ why is mobile marketing effective?: media integration \ why is mobile marketing effective? mobile marketing leverages on other media it provides critical support to make main stream advertising campaigns work harder it is important to consider where and how consumers will be made aware of the mobile campaign sms response by medium source: mobile marketing association m metrics 2007 role of mobile ads in total brand strategy: role of mobile ads in total brand strategy how do filipinos perceive mobile advertising?: how do filipinos perceive mobile advertising? join sms promos on tv, radio & print preference on phone type when joining promos Source: OMD Phils. Snapshots Survey 2005 Base: 558 Metro Manila individuals aged 15-60years old who own both a landline and a mobile phone attitudes toward mobile advertising i don’t mind receiving ads on my mobile phone i don’t mind receiving network advisories on my mobile phone cellular market share: cellular market share market demographics: market demographics 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 1. TARGETING Campaigns must be targeted and tailored to the audience. Mobile phones are extremely personal devices. Hence, messages sent must be extremely relevant to consumers. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 2. PERMISSION Permission-based marketing is the only realistic strategy in the use of mobile devices as a marketing channel. Mobile transactions are very personal exchanges. Any unwelcome intrusion into this personal space creates a very strong backlash for the brand involved. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 3. VALUE ADDED Must have an inherent value to the consumer. May be in the form of entertainment, exclusivity or prizes. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 4. INTERACTIVITY Must be a true two-way dialogue to realize full potential. Consumers expect the brands to listen to them and their feedback be acted upon. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 5. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Most effectively used this medium when they build a relationship management plan rather than one-off campaigns. SMS is a cost-effective way of communicating with consumers on a regular basis. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 6. SIMPLICITY Mobile marketing mechanics must be very simple. Instructions should be intuitive and easy. Always low in barriers to sending replies. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 7. MEASUREMENTS Campaigns should be measurable immediately. Tracking how many and who is responding to the campaign is easier with mobile phones. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 8. FUN & ENTERTAINMENT Mobile phone interactions are to be engaging and the best way to do this is thru fun and entertainment. 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign: 9 key considerations for the success of a mobile campaign 9. INCENTIVES Consumers understand their value as a target audience and expect rewards in return to the right to market to them. Mobile is also associated with instant gratification rewards such as coupons and discounts or even INSTANT LOAD. one medium \ different formats \ tons of opportunity: one medium \ different formats \ tons of opportunity SMS short messaging service. most widely used and accepted messaging vehicle for mobile ads MMS multimedia messaging service. similar to sms except that it primarily supports graphics, photos, audio & video SPONSORED CONTENT MOBILE PROMOTIONS CRBT MOBILE SEARCH WAP & MOBILE WEB VIDEO STREAMING MOBILE COUPONS 3D BARCODES MOBILE NEWS / MAGAZINES <streaming ad previews>: <streaming ad previews> Slide 25: The Netcast Corporate Messaging Suite is a web-based SMS solution that aims to cater to your organization’s communication channel needs through regular and scheduled bulk messaging, chatting, feedback and content management. Bulk Messaging Allows businesses to distribute time-sensitive notifications to its targeted, large number of people. Module enables companies to automatically and simultaneously deliver information or service to any number of its customers, partners, suppliers and employees via sms. Text Circles Text circle allows routing of a single message to ALL members of a text circle. This is group texting made easy. The Text Circle module enables any registered company or organization to easily reach and notify their roaming staff/s, key personnel or group member/s on any message/s by simply sending a text to a pre-determined circle and access number. This modules also allows sending of a message to a specific member of a text circle through the WHISPER feature. Text Helpdesk Company will be able to easily respond and facilitate proper escalation to the concerned party/ies on complaints through this module. Receipt of feedback or consumer questions that need to be addressed will be made possible through mobile phone connection. This also enables self-made content and keyword creation for important information to be made automatically available to a company’s pool of clients, dealers or other interested parties for easy access anytime, anywhere with just a click of a cellphone. Slide 26: Decode is a tool that simplifies the act of entering complex codes on a mobile phone. The system allows cameraphones to scan specially printed codes, called mobile codes or mcodes. These codes can represent web URLs, phone numbers or instructions that include keywords and an access number. All you need to do is scan and send! No more typing. decode sample 4 demo case study: caltex amazing craze: case study: caltex amazing craze objective sustain highly popular and successful scratcha matcha promo by simplifying submission of entries through the use of sms execution Customers who make minimum purchases on specified products in any Caltex station will get a raffle coupon. This raffle coupon gives the customer a chance to win premium prizes To join in the weekly and grand raffle draws, customers need to text in the 8 digit alpha numeric code found on the raffle card coupon. Ex: Alphanumeric code found on scratch card: 4E26C123 For 1st time participants: The customer will be prompted to text the alphanumeric code with the following registration instruction: The SMS sent for registration is for free. Ex: TECHRON 4E26C123/Aaron Ramos/143 Love Road, Quezon City For succeeding entries: The customer need only send the code: Example: TECHRON 4E15C123 case study: pepsi 1 in 5 panalo: case study: pepsi 1 in 5 panalo objective create a mobile promotion that will entice customers to buy pepsi products for them to get a chance to win instant prizes where prize fulfillment are all mobile activated execution pepsi printed unique codes found at the reverse side of the bottle cap every one in five entries win! when customer texts the code found at the reverse side of the bottle cap, they are entitled to win any of the following instant prizes: instant load, free cotnent, free subscriptions, free internet and game time at netopia and motorola w220 handsets case study: mc donalds mobile couponing: case study: mc donalds mobile couponing objective create a mobile campaign that will stimulate sales of mc donalds’ recently launched mc rice burger through a free premium to be given away upon purchase execution distribute mms mobile coupons that entitles consumer’s who download mc donalds content to avail of a coke light upon purchase of a mc rice burger Thank you for downloading! Get a free 12 oz. Coke Light when you buy a McRice Burger at McDonald’s! Simply present this message to the crew before ordering! Promo good til Nov 30, 2006 only. Per DTI NCR Permit No. 4421, Series of 2006, W02 case study: close up lovapalooza registration & datamining: case study: close up lovapalooza registration & datamining objective to streamline the process of registration of participants and datamine needed demographics amongst the target market execution To register subscribers sends LOVE REG name/age/city/partner_name/partner_age/partner_city to 286. Example: LOVE REG George Gonzalez/35/Makati/Crystal Lee/22/Makati to 286. Registration is free. Upon successful registration, a unique code will be assigned to the MIN. This code will be used as an identifier should Close-Up decide to implement a “VIP list” of participants. Subscribers will be sent an acknowledgement message including the registration details as well as the unique code. As part of the registration, subscribers will be sent questions every Monday 10am, and Thursday 10am. The information to be generated from the questions will be used to profile the subscribers. thank you.: thank you. questions & inquiries:

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