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Published on July 22, 2017

Author: chanchalSharma73


1. Best Weight Loss Indian Diet Plan in PCOD by Ela Woman

2. INTRODUCTION PCOD or also known as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease or Syndrome) is a medical problem in women. It causes hormonal imbalance and affects ovulation. Adequate weight loss and having proper nutritious food in PCOD diet can balance the hormones and ovulation. As a result, cysts are developed in the ovaries and they disturb the release of eggs. This is the main cause of infertility in women. PCOD diet should be treating this hormonal imbalance. In India, we have so much of naturally growing nutritional food that can help in treating PCOD. Overweight and improper eating habits elevate the problem of PCOD. Regular exercise and proper diet can regulate menstrual cycles and improve ovulation. As per the report of diet experts, many women have overcome this problem by simply losing some weight and following a healthy

3. PCOD DIET By Ela Woman i. The most important part to be taken care of is Glycaemic Index (GI). The pcod diet should contain food item that controls the increasing level of this glycaemic index. PCOD diet should have green vegetables and lots of protein rich food. ii. Breakfast- The day should start with a healthy and nutritious food, especially for the one suffering with PCOD. For a healthy breakfast, cereals, cornflakes, wheat flakes, oats, milk with low fat and sprouted grams will be ideal. It will help in losing weight. iii. Seasonal Fruits, grams, lahiya are some light snacks which can be taken throughout the day at regular intervals. They enhance the metabolism of the body by 30%.

4. iv. It is very important to include liquid food items in the diet. Low fat milk and fresh fruit / vegetable juices are preferred for regulating menstrual cycles and eliminating fat from the body. v. Lunch- An ideal PCOD diet would have two vegetables (one has to be leafy), two roti (multi grain is preferable), curds, salads and must include protein rich food like pulses, rajma or beans. vi. Tea Time- Green Tea has high anti-inflammatory property and so it can reduce the complications of PCOD. Beverages must not be taken empty stomach as they produce acidity. vii. Dinner- In PCOD, One bowl of fresh soup with a platter full of leafy salad will stimulate the proper functioning of the nervous system. It will reduce stress and anxiety as well. Dinner should be light and nutritious so that the next morning one should feel fresh and fit and light.

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