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Published on August 8, 2012

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Tenses: Tenses Tense denotes the time of the action indicated by a verb. The time is not always the same as that indicated by the name of the tense. PowerPoint Presentation: Types of tenses Present tense Past tense Future Tense PowerPoint Presentation: Present tense Simple present Present Continuous Present perfect Present perfect continuous Present Tense: Present Tense Present tense may express action which is going on at the present time or which occurs always, repeatedly, or habitually. Examples: He sees the train. He eats cereal for breakfast every day. Simple Present Tense: Simple Present Tense Expresses a habit or often repeated action. Adverbs of frequency such as, often, seldom, sometimes, never , etc. are used with this tense. Subject + verb 1st form + object examples- She goes to work everyday. They always eat lunch together . Present continuous Tense: Present continuous Tense This tense is used to describe an action that is occurring right now (at this moment, today, this year, etc.). The action has begun and is still in progress. Subject + verb 1st form ”be”+ “ing” form the main verb + object examples- She is typing a paper for her class. He can’t talk. He is fixing the sink right now. Present Perfect Tense: Present Perfect Tense Present perfect tense expresses action completed at the present time (perfect means complete) or begun in the past and continuing into the present. This tense uses the helping verbs has and have and the past participle of the verb. Examples: He has written a letter to his uncle. (completed action) The Waltons have lived here for seven years. (continuing) Present Perfect continuous Tense: Present Perfect continuous Tense The present perfect is also used to talk about an event that was completed in the past, but the specific time of the event is not important. subject+ has/have + ing + verb3rdform + subject examples I have seen that movie before . He has already visited Vietnam. PowerPoint Presentation: Past tense Simple past Past Continuous Past perfect Past perfect continuous Past Tense: Past Tense Past tense expresses action completed at a definite time in the past. Examples: He wrote the letter yesterday. She lived to be 90 years old. Simple Past Tense: Simple Past Tense The simple past is used to describe actions and/or events that are now completed and no longer true in the present . Subject + verb 1st form + object examples- I attended MJC in 1998. (I no longer attend MJC.) I saw a movie every weekend when I was a teenager. Past continuous Tense: Past continuous Tense The past progressive is used to talk about an activity that was in progress at a specific point of time in the past. The emphasis is on the duration of the activity in the past. Subject + verb 1st form ”be”+ “ing” form the main verb + object examples I was studying for an exam while my mother was cooking dinner. We were walking in the park around 7 p.m. last night. Past Perfect Tense: Past Perfect Tense Past perfect tense expresses action completed before certain time in the past. (This is the before -past tense.) It uses the helping verb had and the past participle of the verb. Example: She had written the letter before I saw her. Past Perfect continuous Tense: Past Perfect continuous Tense This tense is also used to describe events that have been in progress recently and are rather temporary. subject+ had + been +ing+ verb3rdform + subject examples She has been living in Taiwan for the last two months, but she plans to move soon. PowerPoint Presentation: Future tense Simple future Future Continuous Future perfect Future perfect continuous Future Tense: Future Tense Future tense expresses action which will take place in the future. It uses the helping verbs will or shall* and the present tense form of the verb). Examples: He will send the letter tomorrow. I shall wait here until you return. * Traditionally, shall is used for 1 st person and will for 2 nd and 3 rd persons. Simple future: Simple future The simple present and present progressive are also used to express future time. These are often used used in connection with schedules. EXAMPLES Thomas will graduate in June Future Continuous: Future Continuous This tense is used to describe an event or action that will occur over a period of time at a specific point in the future. EXAMPLES I will be teaching ESL 40 at 10 a.m. tomorrow. They will be moving their furniture out of the house by the time you arrive tomorrow. Future Perfect Tense: Future Perfect Tense Future perfect tense expresses action which will be completed before a certain time in the future. (This is the before -future tense) It uses the helping verbs will have or shall have and the past participle of the verb. Example: He will have finished the paper before next Friday. Future perfect continuous: Future perfect continuous This tense describes an action that has been in progress for a duration of time before another event or time in the future. EXAMPLES By the time he finishes law school, we will have been living in the U.S. for eight years. PowerPoint Presentation: THE END MADE BY - ANEESH ATTRI 14 10TH B

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