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Published on December 9, 2019

Author: tngwebsolutions


Slide1: What is SEO & Why is it Important ? Search Engine Optimization refer to the steps taken which improve your website' ranking within search engine, such as Google. SEO methodologies have changed many times over recent years, due to algorithm changes and improvements. Slide2: What Exactly does SEO do? The two main parts of SEO help to gain your website the highest possible ranking in Search Engine Optimization , getting you noticed faster by your target audience The 2 Main Parts of SEO On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO Slide3: ON Page SEO This is large area with allot of very intensive aspects, including, but not limited to: Technical SEO refers to back-end work that goes into site . Steps involve elimination render blocking JavaScript & CSS leveraging caching, reducing server response time, minifying JavaScript etc. Optimization images to right formats and resolutions can improve site performance considerably (1) (2) Site responsiveness with tons of devices with different size and resolutions being used to consume the internet, responsive design is a must for conversions (3) Code Optimization Speed Image Optimization Slide4: ON Page SEO URL Optimization Keeping URLs Shorten is good! Content Quality and length Evergreen content and longer, more useful content pieces are important Title and heading tags Proper use of <H1 and H2> tags are important with use of keywords within these areas What you are linking to and how often is a fine balance Link testing and usage for links Programing Language The way your site is crawled is important. Experts help to ensure that Google bots are picking up the correct information, every time Multi-media usage When using rich- media, You will need to choose media that is relevant and search engine friendly Slide5: Off-Page SEO Off-Page search engine optimization services Calgary refers to the way your site is mentioned and linked to from other sites. It is quite important and often decisive where your site ranks on the search result! Slide6: Reputation- How your site is mentioned is important. This acts to improve your ranking through trust and reputation Reputation Relevance Contextual links from relevant sites flowing naturally are vital. Quality is more important than quantity Spam Where your site is mentioned can strongly affect your reputation! High-traffic authority can help to boost your own ranking Traffic The traffic generated from great off-site mentions is much like having a great location in the mall. Quality interaction create more Traffic Branding Your brand reputation is vital to your business in general, as well as to your ranking within Search engines. Location On a personal level, this is important. Make sure customers can find you! Slide7: Call us 587-200-0300 Email Branch Office Calgary Canada Suite 340, 600 Crowfoot Crescent, Crowfoot Centre Calgary, AB T3G 0B4 Canada

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