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Published on July 21, 2009

Author: qabiria



Sample of a webinar about computer threats and defense.

Best practices of computer security a webinar by Qabiria Studio S.L.N.E.

Contents  Why security is so important?  What are the real threats?  What can you do as a defense? Active and passive security Data backup

How safe are you?  Users’ awareness  Law vacuum  Identify vulnerabilities  Organize defense  Maintain a responsible behaviour

What is at risk?  Our time  Our money  Our data  Our privacy  Our identity

Vulnerabilities  Where do attacks come from?  How do crime works online?  Vandalism  Microsoft’s responsibilities

Women and children first…  Alternatives to Windows  Risks of piracy  Advantages of open-source solutions  Free support  Readiness  Peer review guaranteed  User- instead of profit-oriented solutions

Better safe than sorry  Strenghten the weakest link  Don’t be an easy mark  Never lower your guard  Verify the authenticity of instructions before following them

Authentification  The safe password doesn’t exist  10 characters = ~600.000.000.000 attempts  Time + brute force = any password  Chocolate bar = 70%+ of passwords (source: BBC)  The risk of keylogger  Password recovery

External factors  Power surges  Lightnings  Negligence  Theft/fire  Interferences

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