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Published on March 20, 2014

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If you were born with a case of the green thumb, then you know how difficult gardening can be.

Best Power Tools for Gardening If you were born with a case of the green thumb, then you know how difficult gardening can be. Luckily, there are tools specific to gardening that can help you get the job done better than just those green thumbs of yours could do. Pruning tools If you have an excess of branches that you are looking to cut but need something sturdy to it for you, you need shears. There are multiple different kinds. The bypass shears cut just like scissors, which make them excellent for a clean cut – unlike anvil shears which can’t work in tight spaces because it is a straight blade that cuts down on a plate. The benefit of these shears is that if you don’t need to work in tight spaces and don’t care about leaving a short stump behind, they are much easier to use and require less effort. Lopper shears have longer handles and can prune thicker branches. Hedge shears can handle the smallest of pruning jobs while pruning saws can cut through most branches that shears can’t get through. Push mowers All lawns surrounding gardens need a good trim sometimes, and unless your lawn has gotten out of control push mowers, with no engine, can get the job done. It is inexpensive, easy to use, quiet, and gets the job done. Power mowers If your lawn is larger and requires a lot more time to mow, a power mower may get the job done quicker. Mulching mowers blow the shredded grass back into the lawn in order to build up organic matter. If you are looking for something in between a push and a power mower there are battery-powered electric mowers available as well. Tillers If your garden plans on continuing to grow you will need a tiller. It helps you break new ground for any new flowers and plants. They can also be used for cultivating, aerating, and weeding your garden. S

Shredders This machine takes all of the leaves, pruned branches, weeds and any extra, unwanted plants and breaks it down into mulch and compost material. Chippers on the other hand can handle much thicker and harder materials such as extra woody, and breaks it down to tiny chips of wood. These are just a few of the tools that you can use to make your garden better. If you have them already and they are not doing the job for you, try using a powered version of the tool and see if it helps you. However, when using powered tools battery-powered small engines and gas engines alike will sometimes fall into disrepair. Make sure you can get the access you need to small engine repair in Utah that will be both affordable and effective. Without these tools, your garden will stay in basic beginning phases and will eventually not have the elements that it needs to stay alive. If you are a serious gardener, make sure you have these tools in your possession and that you know exactly how to use them. Photo Credit: Michael, Neal Scroggins

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