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Published on May 6, 2014

Author: learningslnsw



Making the best use of Trove: Ben Pratten, National Library of Australia

Making the best use of Trove Ben Pratten 1


Trove is… • National Library’s discovery service about Australia and for Australians • Almost 2000 organisations and over 300 million items – Not just libraries! (National Museum of Australia, research repositories, Monument Australia, Dairy Australia, Powerhouse Museum, ABC Radio National, etc, etc, etc!) 3


Trove is not just newspapers 5

6 Cribb & Foote Department Store window display of Silktex Stockings Ipswich, 1920s. Picture reproduced courtesy of Picture Ipswich.

7 Memorandum and articles of association. Pins, petticoats and ploughs : Cribb &​ Foote, universal providers to Ipswich and district from 1849 to 1977 by Keith Jarrott. Address to shareholders delivered by the Chairman of Directors ... at the annual general meeting of shareholders of the Company, Cribb & Foote Limited.​ Advertising fan of English countryside for Cribb & Foote, Ipswich, 1931. Image courtesy of Picture Ipswich Ipswich in the 20th century by Robin Buchanan

8 Queensland Times (Ipswich) (QLD. : 1909-1954) Saturday 13 November 1937. John Clarke Foote (1822-1895) John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, ca. 1870, Benjamin Cribb (1807-1874) Australian Dictionary of Biography

More notable collections in Trove 9

The Australian Women’s Weekly 10

ABC Radio National 11

PANDORA Web Archive 12

Oral History recordings • Sir Jack Brabham 13

General Trove tips 14

Jackie French 15

Digitised Newspapers 16

17 Text correcting

Why correct text? • Text created through OCR is searched by Trove • OCR is not always accurate • Correcting the text improves accuracy of the text • Every correction improves search results for all users 18

Community involvement • 121 million lines corrected • Over 100,000 users • Range from 1 correction to 2 million + corrections 19

Community involvement • Text correction is free • No need to register • Registered users can: – See their correction history – Appear in the Hall of Fame 20


What to do • Fix the OCR text so it matches what was published • Match the line of text to the same line on the image • Correcting names of people, places, organisations and dates are the most useful corrections 22

What not to do • Add text not in the original newspaper • Change the text from what was originally published • Move text so that it does not match the line it was originally in 23

Power searching in the Digitised Newspapers 24

Numbers • 123+ Million articles • 12+ Million pages • 660+ titles 25


Start broad, then refine 27


Make friends with quotation marks • Phrase search – Put search terms in quotation marks e.g. “Tom Smith” 29



Near search • Put search terms in quotation marks, then use the tilde to specify a number e.g. “Tom Smith”~2 32

33 Tom Smith “Tom Smith” and “Tom Smith” ~2

34 “Tom Smith”~2 “Tom Smith”

Get Boolean • OR search – Search for articles containing either term e.g. “tom smith” OR “T E Smith” • AND search – Search for articles containing all terms e.g. (“tom smith” OR “T E Smith”) AND brenede 35

36 (“T E Smith” OR “Tom Smith”) AND brenede “Tom Smith” AND brenede

Finding common words as names • Near search –Use an honorific with the name e.g. “Mr White”~1 –Can add additional terms, such as place names 37

38 White “mr white”~1

Use a date • date:[yyyy TO yyyy] – Search between two years e.g. Gallipoli date:[1914 TO 1929] 39

Go wild* • * – Wildcard, search matches all words starting with the characters before the ‘*’ e.g. Chin* matches China, Chinese, Chinaman etc. 40

Other Trove features 41

‘Cite this’ 42

Comments 43

Tags 44

Lists 45








List making • 6690 Trove users • 32,453 public lists • 525,591 items 53

all Lists 54

Beyond Trove… 55










Treasure Explorer

Keeping up to date 66

67 RSS



70 Coming Soon

71 News

@TroveAustralia 72

@nlagovau 73

74 Facebook

75 Blogs

Questions? 76

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