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Published on June 16, 2019

Author: lustolidro


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2. best movie hd For My Brother The two brothers Aske and Bastian live with their father, Lasse, in a world of fear, violence and alcohol but the brothers' strong and close relationship means everything. Aske must serve his father's sexual needs, as well as paying customers and his father's friend, Hans. Aske tries everything to keep his little brother out of it all so that he won't experience the same as himself. But one day Bastian is abused by their father. The brothers choose to move to Norway, far away in the beautiful mountains. Their friendship outshines everything! They are together and far away from their evil father...

3. best movie hd For My Brother Type: Movies Genre: N/A Written By: N/A. Stars: N/A, Drama Director: Brian Bang Rating: 84.0% Date: December 8, 2014 Duration: 1h 57m Keywords: child abuse, rape, child pornography, paedophilia, car accident, incest

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