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Information about Best Microtia Surgeon in India

Published on January 18, 2020

Author: themicrotiatrust


slide 1: Best Microtia Surgeon in India: Reconstruction of the absent or damaged external ear is considered one of the most difficult surgeries and this surgery must be performed by an expert to obtain the best and safe results. Microtia surgery helps to reconstruct the external defects using the patient’s own cartilage. Microtia is a congenital birth defect in which the external ear does not develop properly. Microtia occurs in different variations ranging from small ear to complete absence of the ear. Microtia can affect normal ear canal eardrum and middle ear bones. In very few cases it is seen that the ear canal is small or absent. For microtia surgery it is essential to visualize the ear in three dimensions. The best material for reconstructing a new ear is a soft portion of the rib called cartilage. Microtia ear surgery is done in two stages. In this surgery the entire framework of the ear is created and it is inserted in the area on the side of the head. Dr. Parag Telang is the best microtia surgeon in India who has performed many surgeries and has delivered the best effective results. He has changed the life of many children and has helped them in living a normal life. Microtia conditions can affect 1 out of every 8000 births in Asia. The main advantage of this surgery is that it uses the patient uses own tissue which has no chance of getting rejected by the body. This surgery is performed effectively by specially trained surgeon Dr. Parag who helps deliver the best results. Get in touch with the best ear surgeon in India at The Microtia Trust.

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