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Published on June 22, 2018



Best Mice control home remedies : Best Mice control home remedies To protect your home and properties from mice we are providing you complete information here. Some mice control home remedies are mention below to stop and kill the mouse from causing damage. Slide 2: Peppermint oil Mice are not found of strong smell. Put some drops of peppermint oil on the cotton balls. Place it in the corner of the house. Mice will smell it, they will run out of the house. Use mint leaves and toothpaste.  Plant the mint outside your home. Slide 3: Instant potatoes Put some instant potatoes on some places where you frequently see mice. Mice eat these potatoes the flakes will expand in there stomach and they will die. Slide 4: Use kitty litter Place the kitty litter near the places where you suspect that mice can come. Mice will not come near the smell  of the cat’s urine. Its easy way to get rid of the mice. Slide 5: Steel wool Close your holes and cracks of home with steel wool. Steel is hard for mice to chew. Their teeth will get irritate. They cannot break the steel wool by teeth. Slide 6: Natural predators Best way to rid of mice is to have natural predators like cats and dogs at home. Slide 7: Onions Mice get repel of the onion smell. Should place onion on the place where mouse commonly found. Mice do not like the strong smell. Place onion near them they will ran far. Slide 8: Mice trap One of the old and easy ways to rid of mice. Set the human trap near mice hole and place the peanuts butter on it mice will come attract toward it and get trapped in it.

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