Best Medellin Eco Hotel to get connect with Nature

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Information about Best Medellin Eco Hotel to get connect with Nature

Published on February 23, 2018

Author: bobwells1892


Best Medellin Eco Hotel to get connect with Nature: Best Medellin Eco Hotel to get connect with Nature Content: Content Introduction About our Origen Medellin Eco Hotel The Nature Experiences Hotel Facilities Contact Us Introduction: Introduction Origen Cacao is an Organic Chocolate Company based in Colombia. We at our Company produce the chocolate products directly from the 100% pure Colombia Cacaos. Founded in the year 2015, Danielle and her family bring the best Cacao beans found in Colombia region and handcrafts the chocolate bar in the brand name Origen Cacao. About our Medellin Origen Eco Hotel: About our Medellin Origen Eco Hotel Including with Chocolate Company, we also Medellin Eco Hotel facility in near Medellin. Our Origen Medellin Eco Hotel is situated in the hills of Barbosa , which is an hour outside the Medellin, Antioquia. The main concept of the hotel is to give the visitors and Tourists the best natural experience in and around the Barbosa hills and Medellin. The Nature Experiences: The Nature Experiences At Origen Medellin Eco Hotel one can stay and live with mesmerizing Nature of Colombia. One can see Exotic Flowers, Beautiful Birds, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and have wonderful experience get along with nature around our Eco-Friendly Guest House. And also if you want to get adventurous, then you can have little trek on the hills or swim in the river of Medellin. Hotel Facilities: Hotel Facilities Our Guesthouse is an Eco Hotel has 4 cabins and a big shared room which can accommodate around 25 people with shared toilets. The hotel has hot water bath, Wi-Fi, electricity, and other amenities to make the visitors feel cozy in our hotel and also can get food of one’s preferences from the kitchen. Our Eco Hotel is best for small public events like wood-fired pizza parties, and mini yoga retreats and we also provide services like massage therapy, herbal bath, chocolate tours, city tours, yoga, etc. Contact Us: Contact Us To know more about our Medellin Eco Hotel , visit Address: Carrera 64a #39-16, Vereda la Cuesta , Barbosa , Medellin, 50001 Phone: +57 300-451-8467 Email id:

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