Best laptop for writers 2016 | Laptop Selection Guide

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Information about Best laptop for writers 2016 | Laptop Selection Guide

Published on December 26, 2016

Author: Laptopify


1. Price matters when you choose a laptop for your work, we have reviewed the top 11 laptops according to their price range and finally declared few laptops. According to our evaluation, you can buy a decent laptop under $400-$800 easily.

2. Laptops were specially made so that when you travel, you can easily take them along and work from any place you wish. We recommend you to go with 13.3 inches laptop, if you travel a lot and if you stay at home or office mostly, then you can go with 15.6 inches laptops.

3. When it comes to work, you surely need speed to complete your tasks fast. While choosing a good laptop you should consider which processor your laptop have. We generally recommend you to go minimum with Intel i3 Processor and if you have good budget, then you can go either with Intel i5 or i7.

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