Best Laptop for Engineering Student

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Information about Best Laptop for Engineering Student

Published on December 27, 2016

Author: Laptopify


1. POINTS TO CONSIDER: Processor RAM Storage

2. Processor is the heart of any machine. So better the processor better is the computing experience. So if you are on a low budget go with Intel i3 processor. Don’t look for any processor which is below i3. If you can a spend a good amount of money then go with i5 or i7 as it can handle all your programming stuff easily without any lag. But if you want the best then go with i7 processor.

3. RAM (Random access memory) is the place where data and programs in current use are kept so that it can be easily accessed by the processor. So greater the RAM better is the performance of the laptop. So for engineering work minimum requirement is 8GB RAM. But if you are on a low budget 4GB RAM we also do. But if money is no problem then more the RAM faster the processing.

4. There are 2 types of storage HDD( hard disk drive) and SSD( solid state drive). Both of them have the same function of storing applications and files. SSD are more expensive than HDD. So if you have a low budget prefer HDD. But if want great speed then SSD is a good option. But if you have a good processor and RAM then 1TB HDD is also sufficient to carry out your work.

5. By considering all the points we have listed few laptops best for Engineering Students in budget:  Acer Aspire E15  HP Pavilion -15-au134tx  Lenovo Y50 Touch  Dell Inspiron i7559

6. For more information on laptops: Visit : If, you want to know more about the laptops for engineering students then visit the link: 2017/

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