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Published on September 21, 2017

Author: divarathi


JAVA Classes In Pune: JAVA Classes In Pune Object Oriented Programming in JAVA Slide2: Introduction Welcome to the course Object Oriented Programming in JAVA. This course will cover a core set of computer science concepts needed to create a modern software application using Java . Course Syllabus : Course Syllabus OOP's Concept What is OOP's Why we need OOP's What is Object? Object Characteristics Concept of Classes & Object creation in Java OOP's Features Abstraction & Encapsulation Explore java. Lang package Access modifiers, static concept String Handling in Java Package programming Polymorphism & Inheritance Method overloading Inheritance & types using extends, super keyword Method overriding, final keyword Abstract class & Interface Slide4: OOP's Concept Class : It is a collection of object because we create as many as object of a class. It is a blue print because it describe to your object. Ex: Student, Shape, Vehicle, Animal all this is a logical thing and represent a group Object : Object is a Real word Entity i.e. it present in real life or we can touch it It has ID, property and behavior Ex : DOG, Cat ,Circle, Fan etc . Slide5: Inheritance Inheritance is a technique in which we use parent class member into child class OR Getting the Properties of super class into sub class .It called as IS-A relationship. It required at list two classes and extends keywords to implement it. Purpose : Code Reusability . Polymorphism : It is a technique use to override the method definition and getting different behaviors of one object. In Polymorphism one object play different roll at different condition or situation Ex : DOG is an object it behave differently when owner comes in front of dog and behave differently when unknown person comes in front of that same dog. Slide6: Abstraction : It is a technique used to hide the unimportant functionality or information from the user and show only important thing to the user. We use Abstract class and Interface to achieve abstraction concept Ex: ATM Machine :we only know how to swap card and enter pin and cash to withdrawal and that much important for us not all background details of ATM machine . Slide7: Our Branches Karvenagar - Pune Data Council,SN Tower, Above Jijamata Mahila Sahakari Bank Limited, Karve Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411052 +91 80876 01850 Deccan - Pune Unity gold building 6 floor, near chhatrapati hotel , deccan bus stop, pune, Pune, Maharashtra 411004 +91 9028328958 Slide8: Thank You

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