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Published on November 13, 2018

Author: rajindianrestaurants


ABOUT: ABOUT Raj Indian Restaurant is a fine dining Indian restaurant in South Korea for the sole purpose of serving authentic Indian and family cuisine. Best Indian Restaurant: Best Indian Restaurant Searching a BEST iNDIAN RESTAURANT near by you is not difficult nowadays. If you are in Korea now and looking for a best Indian restaurant then come today Raj Indian Restaurant and eat your favorite desi food. Best Indian Restaurant Near By You: Best Indian Restaurant Near By You Raj Indian restaurant one of the best Indian restaurant near by you. So visit today for quality Indian foods. Incheon Indian Restaurant: Incheon Indian Restaurant This place is a hidden gem! Food is AMAZING! Gorgeous thin crusted Indian flavor pizza! Indian food is sensational! Creamy, and filled with wonderful flavor. The interior is not very atmospheric and could use some life, some music etc. INDIAN CUISINE: INDIAN CUISINE Bright and Colourful INDIAN SPICES: INDIAN SPICES "Masala" is the Hindi word for "spice". When a combination of spices, herbs and other condiments are ground together, it is also called "masala".  Water, vinegar, yogurt or other liquids are sometimes added to the ground spices. This wet mixture is called "wet masala" and is used as a marinade or sautéed in oil before adding the main vegetable or meat so that the delicate flavours of the spices are released in the recipe. Contact Us: Contact Us Branch 1 인천 중구 공항로 424 번길 72 아이비씨 디오빌 108 호 +82 0327430040 Branch 2 인천 중구 운서동 2793-2 해수 사우나 2 층 +82 0327467436

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